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I used to use a 32" LG LN5300 for gaming, and mostly found it to be great. I wanted something larger so about 6 months ago I bought a new TV (well about 5 to compare, then settled on the one I liked best).

I ended up with a Samsung 40H5500. Its picture quality is perfect for my needs, but the ghosting is really bugging me. I know its from it being a VA panel, which is why the darks and contrasts are so good on it. I also have a 39" LG 5300, and the other TVs I tested were all VAs and all had bad ghosting too.

Attached are some pics of the ghosting on the H5500. The TV is only used for console gaming, I have a projector setup for movies.

The 32" LN5300 is an IPS, and barely has noticeable ghosting at all. But the white level wasn't as bright and clear as I like. Blacks were livable, but obviously lower then the Samsung.

Basically Im looking for something 39-47", low input lag, and either IPS with good contrast/blacks (not expecting VA level, maybe around 1300-1500:1 should be ok), or VA with excellent pixel response / motion resolution. I also prefer direct-lit LED over edge lit for better uniformity.

Is there anything like that these days? Or is Plasma really the only option? I have a line on a Samsung PN51F5300 for $420 after tax, but its really too large for my desk when I sit 3-4ft away, and the last Samsung plasma I had didn't have bright clean whites. Also its input lag isn't bad, but not great either over 40ms.

I know the LG LB6300 line is IPS with low input lag, but everything Ive seen says the contrast is terrible. The new LG LF6300 line is out, but drops 120Hz "native" for 60Hz (which I know wont effect console gaming, however, Ive noticed "native" 120Hz sets usually seem to have better motion resolution even with the motion control stuff off). Havent seen anything about its performance or black levels though.


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