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Yamaha RX V3800

Creek Evolution CD

Monitor Audio RX1 Speakers

Paradigm DSP 3400 Sub

I am going to be adding a Dedicated Stereo Amp,(CD directly in to said Amp) to drive front speakers only. It will be one that has an AV direct input so as to by-pass the volume control when in AV mode. (Probably one of either Creek Evolution2 or Evolution 5350) which ever fits my budget best.

My problem. The Sub only accepts Low level inputs. In order to listen to the sub when in all modes I would need a low level input switcher.

Connections would be AVR Pre-out Sub>Switcher. Pre out Stereo Amp>Switcher. Switcher>Sub. If I could find such an animimal it would solve all my problems.


1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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