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Hi everyone,

I'm nearing the completion of my home theater installation and I have yet to decide on what center channel speaker to go with. This is a 7.1 installation into my living room.

For all of my speakers, I have installed the Monoprice.com speakers. 8" Kevlar in-wall speakers for the left, right, and the sides; 8" kevlar in-ceiling for the rear. They had gotten great reviews with the only downside being their bass response to some. Because of the acoustics of my living room, spending money on really nice speakers would have been pointless because I dont feel I would get my money's worth. Furthermore, this is my first house I just bought, so when I move out in 5 years I wont mind leaving the speakers behind
I would have liked to install their in-wall center channel speaker but due to a wood beam that runs above my TV I am unable to do an in-wall installation.

Since I need an on-wall solution, I was looking at the following speakers. I want to get a good speaker without spending too much money, something that would flow well with the rest of my system.
  • Definitive Technology Mythos 7
  • Polk VM20
  • Infinity Cascade Model Three C
  • Russound LCR7
  • Pinnacle Quantum Plasma 5

The Russound is easily the cheapest at around $200 online, but I wouldnt mind spending the extra money on the Mythos 7 or VM20 if you all felt they were the far superior speakers.

Any thoughts?

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i wish i could have helped. i will be installing the monoprice 8" in-walls for the 5.1 setup in our living room. i just installed their 8" in-ceiling speakers in our master bedroom and they sound great.

i too plan to use the MP center channel, but i have not measured for the studs behind the TV yet. i have a little flexibility in moving the TV/stand, but not too much. if i end up in a situation similar to yours, i would be asking the same question.

let me know how the Def. Tech blends with the MP in-walls.

how do you like the MP in-walls so far? are you happy with them for movies?
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