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I am getting ready to wall mount my HDTV and have been reading up on how people are running power/cables to their wall mounted TVs. I have found the box(s) I need but I do have one question about running conduit.

I am going to use the following box behind the TV:

Arlington-TVBU505-1 (sorry, I cannot post URLs yet)

I want to run conduit (from searching it appears I want "smurf tube") between the two low voltage "holes" in these boxes since the insulation in my house is the loose stuff and I want to be able to change out the cables. However I cannot see how to secure the smurf tube to these runs without insulation getting knocked out.

I saw this at Lowes today:

Search for 132088 at Lowes website (sorry again)

However I don't know if I can just mount that inside the low voltage "hole" of the Arlington box.

Can anyone point me in the right direction or tell me what I am doing wrong?

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They sell these at Lowes:

They are by all the electrical boxes (most of them will be the blue ones). I know you want ones with the twist tabs for completed work, but I think they sell them there as well. They have the holes for conduit built in.
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