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This is not a great build thread because the product is complete but nevertheless... I was aiming for punch so I got a pair of Dayton Reference HO's and put them in a small .8 cuft sealed box. I made it down firing to conserve space and then used the mid-century modern tappered legs with angled braces. The OD are 13x13x13". Needless to say my wife is a fan based on foot print and the cleanness of the cubes. I had almost no room on the baffle for the binding posts so I had to tuck them back, one side on each leg.

I had issues staining the tappered legs. I couldn't get the stain to even out, so I painted them to match an accent wall. I also finished using Waterlox original formula. I think it turned out great and brought out the natural color of the walnut veneer. Last build I ruined my stain by using Danish Oil and then putting un-shook matte poly which created a bunch of cloudy spots.
These are Dayton Refence 12 HO's are DVC (dual voice coil) 4 ohm so I wired them to 8 ohm based off my amp config (2 rotel 981's bridged at 375W 8 Ohm).

I'm very happy with the results aesthetically and most importantly sonically.

These replaced my VRK MBM's which I'm transferring to some nearfield boxes directly behind my couch powered by a Crown XLS2002.

Here's the pics to my most recent build:
Thanks for the knowledge over the years!


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