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LST-4200A fails on 69-1 in San Diego

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New LST-4200A HDTV finds all local digital channels except KSWB San Diego CA

Receiver shows no signal on 69-1, 5-1, 5-2.

A USDTV box from Wall-mart finds KSWB OK. (returned this unit)

I am at 540 ft agl and have a direct line of sight

to Mt San Miguel and can see the towers (on a clear day) from the house.

All Mt San Miguel stations - KNSD, KUSI, KPBS (analog and digital)

are received with an excellent signal.

The wallmart box showed 90 % signal on all Mt San Miguel

stations including 69-1 the 4200a shows zero signal on 69-1

The old R/S urban VHF/UHF antenna on the roof pulls in all local digital

channels including XETV with solid video and audio performance.

A indoor UHF bow tie hanging on the family room wall also works.

In fact, I have to switch to the bow tie to get CH 10-1 (ABC)

to prevent receiver overload since CH 8 & 10 are only 1.5 miles north of me

and 10-1 seems to have a stronger signal, 8-1 works on the outdoor antenna.

Can anyone shed some light on this problem or suggest a remedy

Is the fault with the 4200A or the station

Have there been reports on PSIP or other coder problems with the LST-4200A ?
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I'm not in the San Diego area, so I don't know if this post will help, but...

Have you gone through the manual add for all of the digital stations? (If you have, ignore the rest of this post.) For example, I have a station that is carried across digital channel 62.3 but reassigns itself (via information sent on its signal) to channel 42.1. I also have stations for which the 4200A counts as having a signal, and with positioning I can sometimes pick up a lock, but will not show up on auto add.
It might be a PSIP problem coming from the station, or maybe the stations digital transmitter is down or being re-programmed?

How long is the duration between your USDTV receivr getting this station and the LG4200A not being able too?

Was there a week in between? Was it two weeks? Or did you simply replace the USDTV unit with the LG and then noticed it was not picking up that station immediately?

If there was any time elapsed between the switching of the boxes, the stations digital signal might have gone off the air for re-tooling or some other problem. Can you receive this station through CLEAR QAM cable(if applicable) and NOT OTA? Someimes this happens(It happened out here with Pittsburgh CBS station KDKA a couple of weeks back. NO OTA SIGNAL, but the digital/HD signal via the cable line(Clear QAM) for KDKA was coming in just fine.)
Some additional information on the LST-4200A situation:

I had the USDTV and the 4200A running at the same time. 4200 on the DVI and the USDTV on component input. Both fed thru a passive 2-port splitter. KSWB definitely on-the-air

I went to the FCC database and found KSWB on UHF CH 19 322 KW eirp and 599 ft HAAT. When I key in 19-1/1902/19-3 the 4200A shows a strong signal but does not decode the broadcast and does not show 69-1 as tuned in. So a carrier but no modulation ?

Keying in UHF ch 40 (per FCC) I do receive KNSD and the channel info shows 39-1 as expected. Sam goes for KUSI 18/51-1 so the 4200 does properly recognize the actual UHF channel assignments and finds the broadcast info.

This is weird, 69-1 shows zero signal, 19-1 shows 60% signal but no video

I brought up the 4200A factory menu (push VOL + and Select on unit) and did a factory reset to delete all channels memorized an reran ezscan. Picked up 39-2 (NBC WX) but still no KSWBH 69-1 or any of it's virtual derivatives

I do have TWC cable and found about 24 live DTV transmission on QAM but do to lack of program info have not yet been able to identify KSWB.

OOp's, forgot that TWC does not carry KSWB digital.
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