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LT-150 and componant input

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I just bought an LT150. I have a dila and a Sony LCD and I can say that considering the price, it is a remarkable box not to mention that it is so small and light that you can take it around with you a demo "near" HDTV to your neighbors. HOWEVER. I cannot get it to recognize the componant output of my Mitshbishi SR-HD5 Box. It shows it as some sort of RGB in the auto mode but if you force the projector to either RGB or Componant, It wont lock in. The projector works fine with componant progressive scan of my DVD player and the componant output of my Unity Motion Sat Box. I can find no place to force it to lock in. I am using a 25 foot RGB cable that uses 3 individual RG58 cables and BNC connectors. This setup has worked fine for the other two projectors. Anyone have any comments on this (cable can not be much shorter).

Bill Taylor
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I'm having no problems syncing up to a Dish 6000 Sat box, so I can't really offer you any great guidance on this topic..

Other than to say, it should work.

There was some talk a few weeks ago about getting component feed by clipping the 13 and 14 pins on the VGA connector to keep the Lt150 from receiving some signal that convinced it that it was to look for RGB. Just a thought and maybe not relavent. Art
clipped 12 and 14 but made no difference. I can have the unity motion box on and switch to direct Tv and I see a perfectly good picture for about a second and then projector resets to rgb mode.

Try doing a search for the past couple of months for the right pins to clip. I don't know about this personally but there were some people talking about it some time ago. I have not tried comkponent input with my Lt150. Art
It simply isn't necessary to clip any pins though.

I am using a Component video cable to an Extron switcher which is designed to accept RGB-S, but passes component perfectly.

My cable from the Extron to the projector is a 5BNC --> VGA breakout cable, with no pins clipped.

Component video connects up so that Pr --> R, Y ---> G, Pb --> B.

After that, if you select the RGB input, it will recognize Component Video automatically.

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I am having a similar problem. I connected the RCA DTC-100 to the Audio Authority component video converter. For the 1080i signal from the hdtv channels it works just fine. However, when I switch to the regular channels with this output (540p) it displays the signal properly for about two seconds, then everything turns green and I have no aspect ratio control, which leads me to believe that it is not recognizing a component signal and switched to RGB.

Any sugestions?


The above is exactly what I am seeing out of the mts box however, I can also switch channel 199(HDNET ) out of the MTS box and it does the same thing. Again the Unity Motion box set to componant does fine. HOWEVER, if I set the menu to componant(not auto), switch to the sony progressive scan DVD and then swith to the MTS output, The projector switches to the proper mode. how long are your cables? I have a 24 foot Component monster cable with gold RCA to BNC adapters into a high grade RGB to 15 pin cable using only the RGB leads. This appears to be a problem with the sync signal on the green lead. As a matter of information, I can take the switch out of the circuit and it still does the same thing.

Bill T

The common element here is that you;re both getting signals from DirecTV receivers

Once you go over to Dish Network all will be solved ;)

In all seriousness, this looks to be a problem with the gear feeding the LT-150.

I've had complete success with the Dish 6000, in component video mode feeding the LT-150 via direct connection, a PC style VGA switchbox and (currently) with an Extron 4 input switcher.

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There is no doubt that the direct box has a sync level lower than the unity motion. I think the lenght of the cables (24 feet) may be a factor also. I have a question. One of the options is "video filter" on the 150. It defaults ON . I reallly can't tell a lot of difference allthough I did not try it with the DVD player. Any comments on what is the best setting?

I don't think it's the cable length. I was initially feeding the LT-150 with a 50' cable.

No comments on video filter, as I've not touched this setting from out of the box. Of course now I'm going to have to try it to see what effect it has on the picture.....

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