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LT 150 is not sharp in all Edges of the Picture!

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Hey all,

I have the LT 150 over the weekend, just for looking it is the right Projektor for me or not.

Now the Desktop image is not sharp in all edges.

Left uppon and right bottom are really sharp, but the other two edges I can always only make one really sharp!!

to you now that problem?

Please let me now, what I can to.

Please excuse my bad english.


this is really a great Forum.

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Do you have projector aligned to reduce keystoning to zero?
Sounds like a physical setup issue to me...make sure the projector lens is perfectly perpendicular (90 degree angle) to the screen.

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This projector is very sensitive to mounting. Measure very carefully. The center of the lens does not line up directly with the top of the screen if ceiling mounted. You must add a 1.98" keystone factor. So from the top of your screen which is the white part of the screen, measure down 1.98" and then line up the center of the projector lens to this point. Check your manual to confirm the 1.98" dimension for this model but I recall this to be it.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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