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LT-150 or zoom vs fixed lenses

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Like many on this list I am anxiously waiting to see whether I receive the LT-150 from Dell. I have been using this list as a great resource to determine what projector to use in a custom home theater room when I move from a one bedroom condo to a house in August.

Anyway, my second job is as a photographer and this has got me thinking that one of the main reasons that the LT-150 is meant to be so good is due to the fact that it is considerably easier and a lot cheaper to make a high quality fixed focal length lens as opposed to a zoom lens. This could be a major reason why the LT-150 competes with more expense projectors with zoom lenses which will most likely be of inferior quality. A follow on from this would be for those people awaiting the LT-150z with zoom lens because if the above theory holds true, quality would be being compromised for practicality.


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Thanks Ed. I've been wondering if the zoom lens on the LT150z will sacrifice optical quality. A comparison between the two projectors would be interesting.
Interesting . . . . This reminds me of the fact that in high end audio, the general belief is that if it has features (i.e. remote, balance control, tone control, etc.) it can't be as good as the same model with fewer features.

Turns out this is true most of the time.

Still, it would certainly be nice to have a zoom.

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