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A bit of background--for awhile, I had 4 Rythmik 15" subs up front in my HT. I was always amazed how I got an almost flat response down to about 11Hz. I thought the room gain was filling in the rolloff of these sealed subs in a most excellent manner. Then I built a sealed 15" LMS sub and noticed that it rolled off slowly starting as high as 30Hz. No doubt there is some EQ in the Rythmik amps that are Linkwitz Transform-like. I see the same with a graph of the Submersive that was recently posted. In Illka's test of a sealed 18" LMS, he lists "EQ: Linkwitz Transform via DCX2496, ~13 dB DC gain", and his outdoor graph is very flat to below 20Hz, which would be even better with room gain. So, how exactly do I do that with my DCX2496?

Also, if I apply the default LT to my LMS model in WinISD, the cone excursion goes off the chart. (It says f0=50Hz, fp=20Hz, Q0=.703, Qp=.707). It falls below Xmax whn i drop the power applied to about 100watts!

Color me confused.......
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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