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LT140 JVC projector DLP failure,can anyone help me please

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Unfortunately I was running my LT140 JVC projector recently setting up

for a meeting when it went faulty. This is a 1024 x 768 machine with

a Texas Instruments DLP engine in it and when it worked it was quite a

good performer. The unit has done less than 400 hours as it isn't

turned on much but its not in warranty now. Still on its first lamp

actually so this failure is most premature for a machine that has had a

very easy life so far. With the projector turned on but in black

after about five minutes running I saw the black screen get a few wide

white horizontal bars on the image. This turned out to be a fault and

I required it back for a planned presentation in the next few weeks so

sent it off to the manufactures service center for a quote for repair.

They told me they would not be able to fix it for under $6000 but

could replace it for $3500. As I am an electronics tech myself and

thought this to be a little expensive, I purchased a new projector

locally for less and set the LT140 aside for myself to repair when I

had time. When I finally got to it the fault had changed somewhat

to what it was when it left me but none the less it was still faulty

with a few pixels on and the rest of the DLP chip output in black.

The lamp runs, the color wheel is running fine, the JVC power supplies

are all good and all data appears to be presented to the Texas

Instruments DLP driver card prior to the second board with the DLP

engine. I have had the JVC portion verified and all is ok its just the

Texas Instruments section that has failed. Feeling pleased about this I

contacted Texas Instruments and hit a brick wall. I only wanted pin

outs of their DLP engine to verify the conditions of the driver. They

just won't help with any information at all and I've not been able to

go any further. As most of the projectors I have recommended to my

employer, clients and friends are DLP with Texas Instruments engines

inside I'm now very concerned that there is no help or information

forthcoming from them in any way which means repair cost is massive.

Unless I can get better support from somewhere I certainly will not

be even considering DLP for any future clients or replacements of

existing. It's rather sad really as my dealings with them as of 10

years back were so great, I'm saddened to see what has happened.

If any one has any information on the Texas Instruments driver board

and chipset mentioned below please let me know ok Id greatly

appreciate it as I'm rather disgusted at the responses I got from Texas

Instruments DLP.

the Texas Instruments DLP engine is XC4436XL PQ240 on the second


the Texas Instruments driver board has 2 DLP Andromeda 980 processors


and the rom version is 4171 697-3

I'm hoping someone out there has had more luck from other sources than

I. Any schematics or pinout details would be sensational.

Any suggestions are welcome
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Good stuff man. Thanks for the laugh :)
Man that was a long paragraph. Good luck.

Hey Tryg, did you catch that TI is using JVC power supplies?
There's so much good stuff there I couldn't have written it better myself ;)

This is either rodmanbra or your "happy customer" :D

NEC? JVC? what's the difference?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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