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LT150 in NY?

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Hello, I am new to posting to this forum but have been lurking for several months since I'll be buying a front projector.

Everyone seems to think the LT150 is the best for the money, but I am concerned with the rainbow effect and would like to see a demo. Does anyone know where I can see one in action in or around the Manhattan area?

If I buy it unseen and the rainbow effect makes it unwatchable for me, does anyone know what the return policy is with NEC or any particular retailers?

I have seen demos of the sharp 9000 and was going to get that, but since I just lost my steady job, it's a little bit pricey at the moment. I'd love to see an LT150 to see how it compares.

Thanks everyone.
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I am selling an almost-new unit.

See my ad in avs e-classifieds.

I've got one ceiling mounted, run by a HTPC. I am on the Nassau / Queens border if you are interested in checking it out.

If so let me know.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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