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For the *FIRST* time, tonight I watched an entire movie on the LT150. This is amazing, because I feel like I've been evaluating and calibrating it for years.

I finally finished the mounting of the projector today. For those who are considering the peerless mount, you won't be sorry. Go for it.

I'm a little ticked at myself because it turns out the peerless mount for the LP350 was exactly the same as the LT150 mount except for the flat plate that screws into the projector. So I ended up paying 200 bucks for a metal plate. But I really liked the mount before, so I guess maybe I should be pleasantly surprised rather than ticked.

Anyway, back to the movie. I watched House of Games using the Panny RP56. The movie looked great. There are a lot of dark scenes in this movie and I didn't once think about blotches or gray blacks. I had dithering on my mind, but didn't really look for it because I was into the movie. In retrospect, I didn't see any dithering. I also didn't see a single rainbow.

For those still considering the LT150 and haven't committed, let me re-stress:

1. A progressive signal is an absolute must.

2. An HTPC is recommended. I didn't view tonight's movie through an HTPC, but I did have had the oppportunity at one time and I can tell you the HTPC is a clear winner. I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it. As a sidenote: You might be interested to know that I have purchased all the equipment to build my own HTPC. I was going to purchase one from xcel because I really didn't want to deal with building the HTPC myself. However because of the long delivery time, me being anxious, the fact that xcel wasn't around when I called and I never heard back from him, and I do have the technical knowledge, I decided to jump in with both feet and do it myself. More to come on this later with much cursing I imagine.

3. A hushbox is required. The fan noise of the LT150 was bothering me during this movie. Much more so than the LP350 ever did. I attribute this to the pitch of the noise. I should add that when I say fan noise, I guess I really mean color wheel noise from what others have told me. I haven't decided what I'm going to do for a hushbox yet.

I'm assuming at this point that I'll be keeping the LT150 for the long haul (about 12 months in Les Arrow time). I'm not expecting to fall in love with anything at CEDIA. But we'll see.

Also, once Colorfacts ships, I'll do my best to report how/if I was able to achieve the best color setting with the LT150. Since I can communicate with the LT150 via RS232, I should be able to provide exact settings.


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Hey Les,

I agree with what you are saying - I am not seeing any dithering or blotches (when I use my Toshiba DVD player in enhanced black mode) and only an occasional rainbow (when the white segment is set to on).

The real test for me, and here I am extremely picky, is how a projector handles shadow detail in dark scenes. The movies I use to test this are; Castaway (the night beach scenes and cave scenes, and just about any scene in Fight Club and Magnolia. I have my brightness setting set slightly above the default setting - I don't have any reflections from my walls, ceiling or floor! I am getting amazing detail and great "blacks" so I am happy (I love good SF).

Like you I expect I'll have something else in the next year, but I don't expect to part with the LT150 at that time - I'll keep it for backup purposes and a travelling HT solution (to the cottage or a visit to a friend's place).

When you're at CEDIA please check out the new Sharp. I am interested in your opinion about this one, dithering artifacts and all!




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I bought the thing only because of the Dell opportunity and didn't intend to keep it long.

Today I've been comparing the picture it makes to both my DILA and to someone else's LCD projector (Sanyo x18 clone).

Suffice it to say that it does live up to the praise it has received. I'll now be keeping it for the long haul.

I wish you could have seen the 20' wide picture it made on the back of a house last night. Two newspaper photographers spent over a half hour shooting the scene (one with a film camera and the other with digital). Hopefully one or the other was able to capture the image well enough that I'll be able to show you what it looked like.

p.s. to Les,

Since we'll both have Colorfacts (and the LT150) and since I'm pretty much an illiterate when it comes to using

computer software (much less a colorimeter) I will welcome any help you'll be able to provide.

Bob Wood


~ The Sultan of Cheap ~

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