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LT150 ordered. Component cables?

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Well, I just ordered my NEC LT150. Many thanks to all who have endured my pestering questions over the last few weeks. I have just one more (yeah, right....until I get it setup!)

Does any standard VGA breakout cable work as a component video adapter? I've seen cables that break into 3 RCA connectors and those that break into 5 RCA connectors. What is the diffence?

Also, does anyone know where to get a decent 20-25ft breakout cable? I've tried bettercables.com but its a special order and a 10 day wait. Since my LT150 will be here on Tuesday, I'd love to have a cable sooner, especially since I'm having a party that weekend. Any other online vendors I can try?


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Hello Again Dave,

Any breakout cable will do unless you get one with some pins reversed or something. (Mac rather than normal)

having the standard 5 BNC breakout is brobably the better choice. If you decided to add a scaler or something in the like the 5 wire is more flexable. If you are jut going to plug into a DVD player and forget it... just leave 2 of the cables off.
Hey Dave,

If you're handy with a soldering iron, see the thread on RGBHV over Cat5 cabling for instructions on making a longish VGA cable yourself for less than $30 bucks.

Soldered one up last Sunday and was very impressed with the results.
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