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What a great forum (addicting). I have been lurking here for about 2 months and finally decided its time to join in on the discussions. I got in on the LT150 Dell deal thanks to this forum. Unfortunately, I did not discover this forum until after making my AV receiver purchase. My question is basically, how does everyone have their systems set up with their LT150. My receiver (Marantz SR-19) does not have component inputs or outputs. I have temporarily run S-Video from my dvd player direct and am using the composite output on my AV receiver for local television (using an old hifi vcr as the TV receiver). I plan to go to HDTV satelite soon. OK, on with the specific questions:

1. What should I replace my current receiver with in order to accomodate a progressive dvd player, an hdtv satelite receiver and a vcr? (lets assume a $1000 to $2000 price range although I would consider more for the right answer)

a. Is there a receiver in the class of the Marantz or higher that would solve my connection problems?

b. Is there a pre amp that I should consider as a first step (using my Marantz for amplification) and adding a quality power amp down the road?

c. Is there something I am overlooking that could solve my problem with my current equipment without making a big investment?

2. What satelite receiver and service is recommended for HDTV?


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