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LT240 soft Focus?

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I just recently sold my LP530 and am looking to replace it with a NEC LT240.

A friend of mine owns an LT240 and has mentioned that the focus is a bit soft when using his HTPC. he notices it mostly on the desktop and text. he has tried to adjust focus but the text never seems to get crisp and sharp like it should. I plan to use my projector for a fair amount of computer work as well as for DVDs and was wondering if any of you LT240, LT260 or HT1000 owners have noticed this as well.

Thanks in advance for you input.

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Yes, the LT240 is a bit soft for text. I recall reading a projector comparison that looked at text display. The LT240 was considered the worst for text display when compared to other office projectors.

I found the HT1000 has the same "soft" text.

Both NECs have a soft focus, compared to other brands. It's great for making movies look more film-like and smooth.

I don't plan on using any projector I buy for computer work (except occasional gaming), so it is a none issue for me.
Yes, the LT240 is a bit soft for text.
I had a dell MP3200 before I got my LT 240. The dell looked very sharp however the drawback to that was that the screen door effect was much more pronounced. Any closer than 1.5 screens away, the square pixels were quite obvious. The LT 240 softens these and it is much more watchable at a closer distance. Both are usable however the LT 240 is preferable for watching movies. I think it would be entirely adequate for use as a text projector as well.
Yes, my LT240 seems to come off soft for text also. My buddy insists this is actually great for movies. He keeps his setup too defocused for my taste. I watched "Signs" today... blah.
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