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Lumagen HDQ and analog output ???

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I've been using by Lumagen HDQ with the following projectors for a while now in the following configuration. Sony Ruby is patched into the digital output of the HDQ and an Epson Powerlite 500 was patched into the analog output of the HDQ. The analog output was set to RGsB which worked well with the Epson.

Now that I have an DLA-RS1 I have hooked it up to the digital output of the HDQ and the Ruby is now hooked up to the analog output of the HDQ but it is outputting HDYPbPr to the Ruby. The problem is now I see a bright greyish glow at the top of the image on the Ruby. I tried adjusting output size and position, as well as input size but no luck. The cables are the same ones that I used with the Epson. The digital output is fine just a problem with the analog output to the Ruby via HDYPbPr.

Anyone have any tips on solving this.
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