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I am selling my Lumagen Radiance Video Processor. I used this in my theater set up, but I recently purchased a SONY XBR tv and have decided to sell this along with my JVC DLA-RS20 so I do not have a need for it anymore . It is in great working condition, comes with remote, manual and power cable.

I bought it for $4000.00 new. This unit can be upgraded to a 3D unit with a chipset that is installed by Lumagen for price of $1000.00 In regards to the JVC projector I am willing to sell as a package. I also have a CALMAN 5 entusiast license that cost me $500.00 and I'm willing to sell along with this package. All you would need to buy is the meter if you don't already have one. Just in case you did not know here are the details on this Lumagen.

Here are some specs:

Key Features:

-18 Video inputs (6xHDMI 1.1), 2xHDMI 1.1 video outputs,

-18 audio inputs, 2 coax audio outputs

-10 bit processing

-Proprietary Lumagen "no-ring" scaling-Per-pixel SD/HD video deinterlacing

-Primary and secondary gamut correction

-Extensive support for anamorphic lenses

-Adaptive diagonal filtering

-MPEG mosquito and block artifact reduction

-Temporal noise reduction for SD/HD sources

-2:2,3:2,3:3 pulldown for SD/HD film sources

-Output resolution from 480p to 1080p, plus 1080i Input configurability:

- Inputs 1-6 are HDMI 1.1 and can be used with HDMI or DVI sources

- Inputs 7-10 are Component (HD/SD)

- Inputs 11-14 are SVideo (NTSC or PAL) Inputs 15-18 are Composite (NTSC or PAL)

- one rgbhv (uses 1 component input and 2 composite inputs)

- up to 4 scart (RGB+composite sync) inputs (uses 1 component and 1 composite input)

The Radiance XD Video Processor boasts the highest-performance video switching, processing and calibration available. This makes it ideal for high-definition home and commercial theater applications. The Radiance XD refines and enhances the video images presented by high definition front projectors, top-level rear-screen and flat-panel displays. At the same time the Radiance XD functions as a central switching hub ideal for home and corporate theater systems. The Radiance XD offers 10-bit processing, per-pixel standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) video deinterlacing with adaptive diagonal filtering, scaling technology that does not add ringing (unlike competing products), MPEG mosquito and block artifact reduction and “3D” temporal noise reduction for both SD and HD sources. What this all means is that you get the highest quality video processing available for these reasons, the Radiance XD processor sets the industry benchmark for switching, calibration and video processing performance.

This is a Radiance XD unit, not the current XE. The main difference is that the XD does not support HDMI 1.4, only 1.1. This unit won’t support 3D.

Here is a review from a magazine article on video processors:

Lumagen Radiance XD ($4495): This is a breakthrough product, though an expensive one. It is based on a newer version of the Gennum processor that drives the Optoma and PixelWorks processors. For scaling it uses an in-house solution. Its feature set is so vast that I cannot do it justice here. Suffice to say that it incorporates just about every option one is likely to need in an external video processor. Furthermore, it receives regular firmware updates, so the product is always improving. However, what sets the Radiance apart from its competitors is that it is the first to offer a fully functional 3-D Color Management System that allows a calibrator to adjust the primary and secondary color points of a display to match a target gamut. It also includes an excellent grayscale/gamma adjustment tool, which offers 11 points of adjustment much like the line of Vision processors (see above). This means that you can dial in a nearly perfect gamma curve and grayscale response through the entire visible range. The only criticism I have of the Radiance (other than cost) is that, like the Vision series, the user interface is the same DOS-like approach they have offered for years. The human interface for the CMS is also a littler harder to use than I would like. However, these are nitpicks. The image you can get with the Radiance in the chain justifies the investment for videophiles who can afford the best.

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PM sent . Lost out on a xs 3d on fleabay today and would love to hear from you .
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