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Has anyone been to their site? I know there's been much discussion about LED light sources, but I actually learned a few factoids:

1. They are REALLY going after the TV and projection system market!!!! They clearly see this as a way of making a LOT of money.

2. Upcoming Qualia LCDs are using Lumileds

3. Supposedly there is much better color saturation with Lumiled backlit LCDs and, I assume, contrast which is key to keeping LCDs viable.

4. The new mini LED FPs are putting out ~15 lumens, enough for about a 20" screen with good brightness. That's probably around what you'd get with a high output FP on a 120" screen. But it's a start! It would probably work reasonably well with the SilverStar at at close to 40".

5. They expect to have RPTVs available within 3-5 years.

6. The lights are good for ~20K hours so the projector basically will last long enough to be disposable when it breaks.

7. The new Mitsu projector is $699. That's cheap enough to just plain want one. Why not? Just for fun!

The site - http://www.lumileds.com/ has a TON of stuff on there and it would take days to get through it, but you should all check it out. LED is definitely coming and Lumileds is ACTIVELY going after the entertainment (and every other possible) category.
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