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Luminous White!!

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Is anybody out there can provide some info on Luminous White paint by Sherwyn Williams?

Somebody told me that it could be used on the wall to make a good substitute of a projection screen.

Any comments will be appreciated.

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Do a search. There is a ton of info. Painting a wall for a screen is a good way to get started. I played with the color and have a gray screen. Do a search and give it a try.
That's what I'm using currently, works great. I can't see any difference between the paint and a 1.0 gain screen sample. If anything, the paint is brighter.

I recently read a post where a forum member added PearlEx to his mix for a more reflective finish. This sounds like my next project.
Is this much/any different than the Behr Pure White that everyone talks about from HD? I'm about to paint my first screen on a wall and was going to use the Behr eggshell with a touch of black mixed in.

- Brian
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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