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Hey there AVS members, been lurking around for a while and would like to post some pics to my last couple of months of labor.

This is a basement makeover that had to be usable and be over the top at the same time. Cost was always an issue, and I did everything 100% myself so no rude comments. It is in ohio and scarlet and grey seemed appropiate. No, I did not use any ducktape - I am not that much of a *******.

13'x45' empty space, concrete floor. Studded on all walls and fully insulated. Panny ae4000, 135" 16:9 fixed frame, athena technologies 7 channel (no sub yet) powered from old school onkyo 5 channel amp (yes, need to upgrade), HTPC with 8TB of HD goodness FULL and HDMI out, remote control dimmers and remote keypad. Custom ******* designed risers (10" & 20") covered in scrap floor carpet. Currently running dual center and dual rear surround channels bridged to four ohms with enough heat to fry bacon and eggs with every movie! God I love Onkyo! All speaker wires properly pulled in the walls with proper jacks. HDMI everywhere.

For a small town AV guy, this is my nirvana. About 20 guest so far, no complaints. I need a newer reciever for more power and 7 channels, and a killer sub - my only complaints.

I would like to thank AVS Forum for all of the info, this website made this possible and I learned from everyone here...enough BS lets get on with it.

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