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first and foremost. I would like to say thanks to all the insightful knowledge and how very thorough everyone is with the instruction and fine detail in giving instruction and info.

so here is my question. after reading the how to's on S-I-L-V-E-R HG it seems the simplest to work with and make.

would it be the best choice to use for gain? I'm looking to get a 2.0 gain.

my pj I'll be using is a vivitek qumi, i know its not that bright. but it was a gift after how cool i thought it was after seeing it being demonstrated at our local best buy, i thought it was quite impressive for something so tiny to pump out a 720p picture. but i most certainly wasn't expecting my better half to buy it for me or perhaps she bought for herself and just wants me to do the work of setting it all up?

plan on throw distance 10'3", thrifty white as substrate 98" screen seeing as you can not go bigger with twh. light is not an issue windows are blacked out in basement and walls are a hideous almond brown (abit darker just couldn't think of anything else).

i did the calculations according to a thread here about the foot lambert formula and if my math is right and my understanding is right the FL at that size will be 11fl and with a 2.0 gain would equal 13fl, yes?

from what ive seen around here between 13 and 16fl is respectable. and for me will be a huge, huge upgrade. as i am currently using a optoma pt100 on a plain unpainted 60" twh. and no i did not buy the pt100 i "borrowed" it from a family member. my current set is far from great but definitely gets the job done for large cheap screen viewing.

any help or feedback would be greatly obliged.

and also all the supplies for SILVER hg are obtainable except for the behr clear faux glaze. i search for it on the HD site and this is the only style that returns "BEHR Premium Plus With Style 1-Gallon Satin Faux Glaze". i cant post links because of my current post count sorry. the satin is whats throwing me off or is this the right stuff to use?

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Wow--cool toy, but there are a lot of brighter 720p projector options at around that same price point including 3D projectors (e.g ACER 5360). If that is water over the dam (e.g you can't take back and replace), then I guess you work on getting a good screen, but at 300 lumens--and expect less as specs tend to inflate actual working lumens, I think a 50" screen is about all you can handle at 2 gain, and even that might be questionable. I've had 3-tube projectors that fire at 600 lumens on a dalite Highpower 100" screen and they worked okay, but just barely.

If you are making a screen, then start at 100", knowing that you might have to reduce the image at some point (e.g. reframe to a smaller size). I would not perm mount the projector until you get the distance/screen size worked out through visual testing.
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