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LVM-37W3 white lines across the top

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I just got a new LVM-37W3 and hooked it up via HDMI cable and I have white pixel lines across the very top of the screen. I used this same HDMI cable on another tv and there was no problem with picture.

Is this a common problem with this model? Or lcd's in general? Or do I just have a bad tv?

What would make the white lines appear the the top.

Thank you.
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update, I tried it with an S-Video cable and it did the same thing. Also it seems to only happen on channels that are 4:3 even when it's an HD channel broadcasting in 4:3 (something like Seinfeld). So it happens on HD and non-HD channels. The white line stops where the 4:3 stops also, so it doesn't run across the whole screen.

I also tried a different cable box and same thing.

Please let me know if I should return this tv?

Thank you.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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