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Dear all.

I desperately need your advice. I need to make a right choice and need you opinion. I am looking for 46-50 TV for

80% - Cable TV (DVB-C)

15% - HD (DVB-S2), BR,

5% - Games from PS3.

There are some good deals and I need to decide which TV is the best for me. Here is my list with prices in Swiss Francs

1) Panasonic TX-P50V10E (3000 SFr.) Having both DVB-S and DVB-C tuners is a real advantage. However, I can see troubles using them as for both SAT and Cable channels I need to use different CI and smart card. Swapping them all the times is not very convenient.

2) Pioneer LX-5090 inclusive a stand (3500 SFr.). This model has only DVB-T tuner, which I don't need. And it also has no speakers. Having said that it would need an additional investment.

3) Pioneer LX-5090H without a stand and speakers (3900 SFr.). Here is the S2-tuner but no DVB-C. Okay, there are quite a few cheap models so for extra 150 SFr. I could get one. Additional stand and native horizontal speaker would require anther 600 SFr.

4) Sony KDL-46Z5500 (2500 SFr.) has integrated DVB-C but no satellite tuner. An extra purchase for ca.400 SFr would be needed.

I was in several stores and saw all TVs, however, I could not compare them. What I saw is:

1) Some minor flickering on P50V10E

2) It seemed Pioneer had a slightly dimmer image and consumes a lot more energy. All devices in my house of a Class A or A+.

3) Sony looked good and I wasn't able to tell difference between this model and plasma from Samsung when viewing digital TV content via DVB-C tuner.

So, your opinion on which investment would make more sense will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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