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Hey I was wondering if anyone can help me, I just got a new receiver the Onkyo Ht-RC260, and I am feeding it a Coax signal from my HTPC that is equipped with a M-audio Revolution 5.1 sound card, I chose this card long ago, cause it had the best sounding analogue output of any other sound card at the time. My previous Amp was analogue in, so it worked great. But I just got this new Onkyo, and I ma having troubles getting surround sound to play, It seems that anything surround sound is coming thru with the voices very low in volume, I have even tried to crank up the center channel +10db, and turn down the rest of the system -10db, but it's still only a very faint sound coming from the center channel..?

what am I doing wrong? or is there a hardware conflict with this sound card?

I know the center channel works, as it sounds great when I play a movie with a blue ray player, just the signal from the computer is the problem.

anyone have any ideas?
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