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hi everyone. Ive just joined the forum and am from england. Ive been looking for an m&k mx 5100sf sub but unable to find one over here or in the states. What i have found in the states is the mps 5160sf bf which has the same cabinet and superfast drivers, but a 150 watt amp. Has anyone out there heard both these subs? Is the mps5160 way weaker than the 5100sf? Any thoughts and views would be greatly appreciated.

Ive had both svs 13 ultras.. Although good and deep, i didnt think they were as quick as some of the smaller mk's ive heard. I seem to prefer the sealed subs and if i cant find a suitable mk, will possibly look at importing a jl f113 fathom, which i havnt heard but gets a good write up. Out of curiousity how many dollars should i be paying for a fathom? Thankyou all for reading..all feedback will be greatly appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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