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So my friends bought a house and I decided to get them a surround sound system as a housewarming gift. THey recently bought a 4k tv and have been using a $35 Wal-mart soundbar :( . I no longer use my Pioneer ELITE SC-71 as it does not do HDR or 4k above 30fps when gaming (it has since been replaced by a Marantz 5012) Neither of those are concerns of them as they do not have a 4k player or any streaming services outside of You-tube.

I am giving them my SC-71
Found a great set of Energy Take 5 classic speaker L,F,C,RS,LS for $50
I also scored a nearly Pristine M+K v1250 for $55.

In my HT I have Paradigm monitor series speakers and surrounds (5.2.4) and am running two subs
HSU REsearch VTF-2 and B&W ASW610.

My friends really don't care what subwoofer I give them so my question is for my System (room size is ~ 24x12x8) which would be better keeping the ASW610 or swapping it out with the M+K v1250.

Also a little confused on setting up when using either Audyssey or MCCAC the M+K v1250 gain / volume knob is marked Reference ,+3db,+6db with a toggle switch next to it stating variable / THX - which should i use? also there is a switch
stating "Low Pass filter 80 hz 24db/octave" / THX
where should it be set?

Also I am not really sure I understand the "A", "B","c" setting on my B&W sub.

any and all thoughts, explanations or or suggestions welcome

Oh yeah their room is roughly 10x12x8 and open at the back(goes into a dining area.)
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