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M4000-p firmware

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Does anyone have a copy of the M4000 firmware available (1.9.8a)... I upgraded to 2.0.5 and now when I connect to my nfs share and play either an iso image or mpg4 movie it locks up.
I checked the "dvico ftp" site and they no longer have 1.9.8a available on the site.

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I did the same thing and ended up going back to 1.9.5. It looks a lot nicer too. I still have problems streaming video though. SO far video only works from the hard drive.

I tried 1.9.5, but ended up going back with 2.0.5 again. I started with the M4000 with a wireless connection to my nfs server and thought the lock ups were a result of the wireless connection I was using. After moving to a wired connection and an upgrade to 2.0.5, it locks up on all of my files coming from the nfs shares. I can play some for a few minutes, but most will lockup the M4000 immediately. The .iso files seem to be the worst. No issues with media stored on the local hard drive as these play fine. I am using a Centos server for my nfs exports, which is working fine with my MythTV system. I plan on trying a smb share either under samba or VMware WInXP next. Is anyone having any success with the M4000 and nfs connections?

Just as a side note, the internal hard drive I am running is formatted as 'ext3' and seems to work just fine. It was one of my prior Linux backup drives. I just mount it with rw permissions via the usb cable to move files to the M4000.
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