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When you hit the V button you get the internet items across the bottom of the screen. One of these items is MEDIA.

When you click on it..at least in my case. It then displays my 5 computers on my network. That includes my Windows Home Server 2011 setup (SERVER)

If I select it, I get a new menu-




If I click on any of those, it displays yet another full screen "folder" type display, however I cannot se or change any of the folders it displays to read content. On the display at one point it says "SERVER:\video\root"... I'm thinking .."Is this thing looking for a Linux machine but seeing my Windows Home Server2011

I have been using a HDPC on the set but (FOXCONN NETBOX) lost my cpu fan and the unit shuts down when streaming movies. I have about 800 on a 1 Tb disk on my server. From what I see, it looks like everything is there to scroll and load movies over the network... except I don't know how to use it.

I cannot find any documentation on it. Except the on screen manual kind of explores it with a USB drive tutorial.

Anyone have more information? It would eliminate my HDPC
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