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Hi guys,

I'm using a Mac mini as a PLEX server connected to SONY STR-DA5300ES AV Receiver, then from the receiver to Panasonic ZT60. It's a very good receiver, but also very slow in regards of response, plus 7 year old clunky interface. My speakers are small B&W 5.1 system.

The problem I'm having is accessing the computer remotly. Whenever the TV is off the Remote Desktop becomes extremely laggy. I know this might be solved with HDMI Detective, but on the other hand I'm considering replacing the AV receiver, thus my first question: is there a receiver that will eliminate the Mac mini's shortcoming, or no matter what I buy the computer will behave the same way, meaning I still must use the HDMI Detective?

Is there a good reciever below $1000 that has intuitive interface, displays the volume bar via HDMI (yes, mine doesn't have that option), preferably 7.1 and has a special input to connect headphones permenantly by allowing to activate the input with remote?

Thank you in advance!
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