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Mac Users With LG BD390 (DLNA Issue)

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I understandably didn't get any response from Mac owners when I posted this in about the 35th page of the BD390 owner's thread, so I thought I'd give it a thread all it's own. I think it will be helpful as I've heard this problem echoed in a few corners of the web, namely in Amazon reviews of the BD390.

My only disappointment with the BD390 so far is that I can't seem to use DLNA server software on my iMac to get the BD390 to stream stuff off of my local network. I've tried Nullriver's Medialink server as well as the cross-platform PS3 media server. The BD390 does find the DLNA servers, but when attempting to pull data from them shows an error message about a connection error.

Have any Mac users out there been able to get the BD390 to stream from a DLNA server?

I plan to try a couple of other DLNA servers before I give up hope or blast LG. A couple I tried were too hard to get up and running for me as I am not good with compiling software from source code - ex. MediaTomb I believe.

Thanks for relaying any experiences!!!
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Here are some links to comments others have written regarding using a Mac with the BD390 for reference. You'll see that while Netflix and Youtube work just fine, others have also had no luck with streaming DLNA.

Please keep all posts/topics etc concerning this player within it's master thread.
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