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I'm in the home stretch of buying an HD set & one of the criteria for

the purchase is the ability to use it as a monitor for the macbook.

I'm leaning towards a Samsung DLP, either HLS5087, 5687, 5088 or 5688.

took my macbook (13" Core 2 Duo) with me to Circuity City to see how

it looked. they had a 5687 which had the back side connections easily

accessable, so I hooked up there. using the Apple mini-DVI-to-VGA

connection w/a random VGA cable.

the mb recognized the Samsung & defaulted to 1920x1200, which

filled the screen of the TV, but the picture quality was not very good.

when 1920x1080 was picked instead, the image was squished on the

L/R sides & still filled the set vertically. so clearly (or fuzzy-ily) there's

something wrong.

so, I have questions :

1) why did the macbook default to & allow an over-sized resolution ? I presume

that the oversized-ness of it was part of the issue with the fuzziness.

is this a problem in the drivers or settings or something on the macbook ?

it was running in non-mirrored mode (two seperate screens).

2) would it have worked better (or recognized a diferent set of available

resolutions) by going mini-DVI-to-HDMI ? the set has the seperate DVI-audio

in, so that would be another route to get the signal into the set.

3) have people using the Samsung 5x8x sets for PC input found that turning

off overscan to get true 1:1 pixel mapping is a critical item ? if so I'm leaning

towards the 5088 as it allows the overscan to be turned off semi-permanently

whereas the *87 sets don't.

4) any other comments on use of the 5x8x sets for use with PC or mac input ?

(moderators feel free to move this to the mac-specific sub-forum if warranted.)

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