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Hi all.

I'm having issues when connecting my Macbook Pro 2012 to my Pioneer-329 via HDMI and HDMI to Thunderbolt port connector.

What I see is an intermittent flashing green video. The audio is unaffected. The weird thing is, is that it only recently started doing it!

I figured it may be an Apple update, so I used Time Machine to roll it back to a happier time. And this worked - for a while. Now it happens even when i roll it back to before the problems occurred.

I've tried lots of fault finding:
1. Not the HDMI lead - tried different ones.
2. Not the HDMI to thunderbolt lead - tried different ones.
3. Not the HDMI port on the A/V receiver - tried different ports.
4. Not the A/V receiver - tried a different Pioneer.
5. I've updated to OS El Capitan, so it isn't the OS.
6. Not the Macbook, as it works fine when connecting directly to the TV. This isn't a solution though as it puts the surround sound and projector out of use with the MacBook.

Anyone have any ideas or experienced this?

I've tried Apple TV to mirror. It works but frustratingly laggy.

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