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MacBook Pro + Cord Mi-Fi speakers with integrated amp

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I am running a pair of Cord Mi-Fi powered bookshelf speakers. I run a 1/8 plug from the headphone out on the MacBook Pro (MBP) that converts to x2 RCA for input into the speakers.

My question is, how do I get the best possible audio signal out of the MBP? Is the current set-up the best I can do (using the equipment I currently have). Or is their a way I can utilise the optical audio out from the MBP with an external converter i.e. buying more equipment

The MBP also has firewire 800 output.

Thanks for any assistance
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If you really want, you could use the optical out to an out-board DAC. In theory, there are plenty of expensive DACs that will give a better result than the built-in DAC.

In reality, I doubt most people will be able to tell a difference in a DBT.

Also, I wouldn't bother if you're listening to 128 bit-rate MP3/AAC files.
I do this exact thing with a MCP. I use the MCP optical out with this.

Then feed the optical signal to an old Technics Decoder(sh-ac500). Then the analog out to a amp. These decoder were popular in the early to mid 90's I think and I know Technics made a few models as well as other brands too. I picked mine up on Craigslist for $15. Now as far as quality is concerned I have no idea if the DAC's are any good or not.

It was a cheap option and works for me.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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