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Macrovision is rebranding itself into a media content guide company, underscored by the immediate change of its corporate name to Rovi.
To help ring in its strategy change, Rovi (taken from the middle of the word Macrovision) is launching a new all-in-one media guide dubbed Liquid. The product will help consumers sift through content across various formats, spanning broadcast/cable/satellite TV and the Web, for viewing through their home theater systems. The goal is to speed up the process of people finding the programming they want within hundreds of available choices.

Presumably, the guide will be offered through various set-top devices and other hardware products, but Rovi has not yet specified any consumer electronics partners for Liquid. Rovi chief evangelist Richard Bullwinkle did say the company is speaking with Blu-ray Disc player manufacturers about the benefits of including Liquid into their models.

Rovi will formally roll out the Liquid guide for manufacturers to build into products in early 2010.

Liquid has three main parts: a TV content guide, broadband content guide and personal content guide. The TV guide will provide comprehensive information on consumers' broadcast/cable channel programming. The broadband guide will direct users to diverse Web-based offerings, including movies, music and social networking activities. Consumers also will be able to customize their experience with the personal content guide, as well as organize photos and home videos for home theater viewing.

After people use Liquid repeatedly, the guide will learn what programming most interests them and highlight options accordingly. Liquid also creates a distinct profile for each user so different family members can tailor their programming for personal tastes.
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