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Madden '07 for the PS3

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I know there have been numerous writing and complaints for Madden '07 I read in the EA threads and all but I just wanted to make a universal place that forum user's here can voice their opinions.

Now I also know that the Madden '07 is basically a port over from the XBox and all but I still like venting about this game.

Like many others have said it is unfortunate that they rushed this product out but I do understand the reasons why for doing so.

My chief complaint besides some bad graphics at times (compared to teh beautiful graphics in NBA '07 and 2K7) are the controls and how they changed from even just the PS2 version of the same game. How frustrating is it on defense to be used to hitting X all these years now and now have to hit O to cycle between players. That has messed me up totally! Or as my one buddy pointed out right away...the X button no longer has the same ability on offense but instead now it is the R1 button or something like taht. It just kills me that the same Madden '07 on the PS2 has different controls and is the same game feel as to what we have all been playing these past years on the PS format.

Does anyone else feel the same way about this?

I am fortunate that although I own this game for PS3 I have not opened as of yet and a friend let me borrow his after he bought it and immediately listed it on ebay that very same day and sorry to say besides the blu ray player he basically bought the system for Madden. Lucky for me I can take this game in and trade it for Resistance or something else.

My question is...and I read vague reports of this...will the '08 version be any better??? Or will it just be another port version from the 360? And I guess my main question would be....will they screw with us and change the controls again???

If anyone has any feelings or opinions about this game and/or any knowledge of the '08 version please feel free to share it here as I am curious to see if others feel my frustrations on what I thought would truly be a great game to own for the PS3 system.
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I still dont understand why I cant freaking change the controller settings. The last madden i bought I used X for spring, O for cycling players, etc.
I understand your frustration over Madden. I had played every edition of Madden from the original Madden football on SNES until Madden 07. After Madden 06, I decided that I wasn't going to buy the game again until they made drastc improvements. I would not consider rearranging the buttons for no apparent reason an improvement. The one positive is that the first Madden on 360 was a total abomination. As bad as this year's Madden is on PS3, it is supposedly much improved from the 06 edition on 360 and on par with this year's 360 version. Hopefully, 08 will continue to improve.

Overall, I don't have much confidence left in EA sports. The only EA sports game that I still enjoyed was MVP baseball, but unfortunately 2k sports received the exclusive cross-platform MLB license so MVP 05 was the last MVP based on the MLB that we will see for a long time. NBA Live has been a complete disaster for the past five years. Pick up NBA 2k7 if you want the best teams sports game. Resistance is also a great game; I would recommend returning Madden and exchanging it for Resistance if you are considering that option.
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I agree with your opinions on Madden 07 as well...changing the controls makes no sense
and is way to confusing to get down when you are used to the other ps madden games. I too don't think the graphics are as good as they could have been...I think the game in general was a big disappointment but I also don't like resistance. I am, for the most part, a sports only game player and I wish that EA sports never bought the NFL gaming rights
because I always thought the NFL 2K sports games were much more realistic in graphics and play. I also like all the other 2K sports games compared to the EA sports versions...they just seem more realistic in player movements, looks...and play.

Take care,

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I have been playing madden since the first nintendo, then went on to play it on the snes and then sega. I purchased the ps2 07 back in august and fell in love with the online mode. When I got the ps3, I just knew madden would be better than the 360 version, no. The graphics are clunky as is the gameplay. all the characters are Lee Haney look a likes. The controlloer issue is also terrible as is the play calling screen. I gave up on the ps3 versions after four games, and went to playing the ps2 version on my ps3. EA really stunk up the joint with this one. The options menu is nothing to write home to either. I just overall think this game stinks and is one of the reasons I waited a good three weeks to buy another ps3 game, I intially bought 4 other games in my wal-mart bundle, I took all of them back, unfortunately stuck with madden. I have since bought ultimate alliance and nba2k7, both wonderful games and great graphics candy. This game was as confusing as the 91 version, I'll wati till 08 to play ps3 madden, and stick to the ps2 version, what a waste
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OK...thanks for all of your comments. I am glad to see I am not alone in this. I too felt the menus sucked and the graphics were way too blocky and yes all the characters for the most part looked alike. Even the flesh close-ups on some of teh white players made them look like they were Islanders. And I think there were only two versions of what a coach looked like. I also hated how they always panned out to the far stadium shot right after the screen. That got annoying fast! I am going to take this back and get either Resistance or Marvel I think.
2k7 games have pretty crappy menu's as well... on the other hand, NBA 07 has nice menus, it is just that the game sucks.
I agree. Maddon 07 for PS3 "STINKS and I don't like 'em" -Jim Norton

I think EA dropped the ball and could have done more then simply port over the 360 version.

Anyway, my big question is whether or not 08 will be another 360 port or a new ps3 developed version that more like all of the ps one and ps2 versions.

Looks like I'll be renting 08 when it comes out.
I have the original 1989 version of John Madden Football for the Apple II. It was then released on Sega Genesis in 1990, and Super Nintendo after that.

I think the signing the exclusive with the NFL, has made the game designers feel like they can just sit back and not work as hard. If you want to play an NFL game, then you have to buy it from EA. It's my opinion that the game has peaked, and we are seeing a decline. Someone needs a swift kick in the butt on the development team to get things going again.

QB Vision was a great idea on paper, but I would have figured they made it work better in '07 after learning from '06. The fact that I can still see the whole field, and then adjust the QB to see what I see is just wierd. Now if I can really only see what the QB sees that would be realistic, otherwise QB Vision is just a waste of button pushing.

My other complaint is that the AI is sort of off. Sometimes they do okay for themselves, sometimes they opposing teams DB's ignore you all together, sometimes the opposing offense just runs into each other at the line, and all sorts of other wierd things happen.

Here's the better version of 07:
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Is there an EA Madden forum board that our voices can be heard on? This is BS to pay $60 for a game we always believed to be good for a NEXT GEN SYSTEM and have it turn out to be no better than this free coaster I got from my one year anniversary at my job!

Originally Posted by anavrin0901 /forum/post/0

Is there an EA Madden forum board that our voices can be heard on? This is BS to pay $60 for a game we always believed to be good for a NEXT GEN SYSTEM and have it turn out to be no better than this free coaster I got from my one year anniversary at my job!

I know for a FACT that he loves that coaster....
Many of my complaints have been voiced here.

But I'd like to throw in that I want Al Michaels BACK! I HATE the generic tinny sounding radio announcer. Having AL makes it feel like a REAL football game.

I played the wii version over Christmas and that version DOES have Michaels.

For me, it just makes the experience more realistic.
see...then why the heck is the PS3 version so different...heck according others it sounds like the game almost would have been better if they did a port over from the PS3 platform.

and yes I do love that coaster! Although using a PS3 Madden 07 box for a coster might look a little more attractive and give me a little more prestige
We can complain all we want, but the ONLY thing EA Sports understands is MONEY. The only way to send a message to EA is to not buy the game. EA is good about not releasing too much info about their games until they are released. As a result, fans go out and buy the games upon release not knowing what to expect. What we as fans need to do is not buy the games until we know if the game is what we want it to be. Trust me, if there is a dramatic drop in the number of units sold, they will get the message.

I will try to remember to post something similar to this here (and on the EA message boards) before Madden '08 is released.
If you've played any other version, the game is garbage.
  • No slide protection
  • No individual blitzes
  • Mixed-up controls
  • Hot routes selection has been slowed down and wrecked
  • Terrible player running animations (torsos don't move at all, only arms and legs!)
  • Repetitive in-game shots of the players
  • Terrible player models that look they're all on steroids
  • Awful framerate
  • Poor commentary and sound
  • Constant pauses
  • Crappy playcalling screen that tells your opponent what play you're calling
  • "Run back 30 yards and hit WR on a rope" is back when playing online

Ugh. Needless to say I unloaded my copy on Goozex...
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Yeah I am all for boycotting Madden but after sitting there watching football all day yesterday it is so disheartening not even to have a next gen football game to play on the PS3.
Yea...definately dont like that commentator guy! or all the players on roids!!! That is one of the issues I have had with almost all madden games, the players look unreal in body type...They should get that more accurate, 2K did.

Was just watching Xplay this morning, and they gave Madden '07 four stars out of five for the Wii! They said once you get used to the controls, it's very fun. Of course the controls are completely different for the the Nintendo version of this game, but I wonder if there's just some games that need a complete re-think in terms of game play. Nintendo was likely onto something - if not totally off about HD support.
Yeah but those Nintendo graphics are a step backwards. I heard that the PS3 controls mimic how the Xbox 360 plays (makes sense because of it being a port) but my fear is that they may just change it back to plain old PS layout for the '08 and we might have to relearn again (that was one of the main reasons I returned the game) and teh fatc that there is no way to change the controller buttons.
I tried out Madden on the Wii over Christmas and I didn't like the controls. I don't see how making you wave your arm around while performing button combinations is any fun. What's next, a mat on the floor so you can make the RB run? I'll stick to button mashing I think. Wii Sports was fun because the games were so simple.
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