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Made the XM Plunge

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welp, picked up the skyfi2, home kit and car kit and activated my account lastnight.


i was concerned about sound from the many posts here but, to my ear, it's no worse nor better than fm. it's great.

one thing that shocked me was, as i completed the 'online' activation, i went back to my receiver to scroll thru the now 'unlocked' channels and there was only two.

after 10min of trying to figure out what was happening, i found a FAQ that states, it can take up to 60min for your receiver to populate with the channel information.

something i've not read here, but, i left it turned on, had dinner and by the time i was done eating, all the channels were there. hooked up the car kit for my wife and all is right as rain.

did i mention i love this thing? i got it for my wife as an annivesary present, but, i may now have to get one for myself!

one thing i'm not very impressed with is the xmradio.com website. i've repeatedly attempted to log into my account and can't. i phoned them and the lady i spoke with just said, try again in 10min. i finally got in my account after 60min of attempts, only to find my account information page virtually blank. my email info is there, my home addy is there, but, where my cc infor should be, nada... where my receiver # should be... nada.

what gives there?
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XM's web site has never been very user friendly..But 'usually' their CSR's a decent and helpful...

But enjoy XM and when you get your 2nd unit don't forget to use the family plan,the 2nd unit is just $6.99 a month ....
thanks barbie, yeah.... i'm eyeballing a second unit now because of the 6.99 offer.


i agree, the csr was pleasant and apologetic, but, man, that website is dismal. i wonder if the online listening is having anything to do with the perf..

keep my eye on it.
Also, newspapers sometimes run adds with codes ( coupons essentially) that allow for no activation charges. Look for that if you go for the family plan like I did. ( My dog loves audiovisions)
thanks rysa, right now, all activation fee's are temporarily waived ($9.99), but, i suspect they'll kick back in on april 2 so, if i get one, it'll be before then.
i wonder if the online listening is having anything to do with the perf..

No,XM just started their online streaming a few months ago.. Their web site has been dismal the 3 years I've had XM....LOL
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