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About six years ago I ordered a pair of Vifa XT25TG30 1" Ring Radiator tweets. When I was testing them out I bumped the phase plug on one a bit too hard and brke it. I asked to send it in for repair and they gave me 1/2 off on a replacement. They sat on a shelf until this year. Because of my unatural taste for the way I take my audio, me crossing them over at 14kHz, they simply weren't enough off a Kicker KX200.2 so I got a 2nd pair. Not enough. Got an SX500.2. Popped both of the new ones. The new ones are made in a different country, appear to be more sensitive..much louder, maybe lower resistance, as I think I blew both of the new tweeters buth the old ons havent even complained. So Ive been back and forth with two different employees over there working things out and these guys are ON THE SPOT with replies and are very helpful and courteous! This is a great company, and has been over the years over many different events.

Thank you Madisound.
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