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Madonna: Celebration 2CD/CD/DVD release!!

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July 22, 2009 - For Immediate Release (Burbank, California) Madonna, who has racked up a record 37 top 10 hits as well as seven No. 1 albums (including her last four) on the Billboard Pop Charts, has given her fans yet another opportunity to celebrate her musical achievements. Today, Warner Bros. Records officially confirmed the September 28th release of CELEBRATION - the ultimate compilation of Madonna songs. The songs on Celebration have all been remastered and selected by Madonna and her fans. They cover the expanse of the Material Girl's extraordinary career of hits including Everybody, Express Yourself, Vogue and 4 Minutes. Celebration will be available in a two-CD set as well as a single CD. There will also be a Celebration DVD released simultaneously which includes the video visionary's best videos including several that have never before been available on DVD.

Celebration, the CD will also include two new songs that were recently recorded in New York City. The first single, also titled, Celebration, co-produced by Madonna and Paul Oakenfold, will be released August 3rd. A video for the single, which will be included on the Celebration DVD was just filmed in Milan, Italy and was directed by long time Madonna collaborator Jona s (Ray of Light) Akerlund. Several dance club remixes of Celebration are headed to the clubs on July 24th. The song will also be available on CD and vinyl maxi. Radio will receive the Celebration single on August 3rd.
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I don't mind a new Madonna release. I am a man who lived his late teens and 20's in the 80's so I guess that makes me an 80's Guy?

I would much rather see a blu-ray concert release from Madonna as well as another from Bruce S, U2, Van Halen with Dave, Fleetwood Mac, Coldplay(not 80's
) etc.

I am a little disappointed in the blu concert selection although I own many of what is available...

Where is Madonna in blu? and the others.....?

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Looks like this may now be a 2 DVD set!!!
Warner Bros has done it again...and this time, it's with a lowly DVD.

Now, I'm going to preface this thread by saying that I don't want to read any Madonna bashing in this thread. Go somewhere else for that. If you can't empathize by throwing in the name of your favorite artist, then forget it.

As someone who's had a lifelong obsession with M, I've been waiting for a 2 DVD set like Tuesday's Celebration release for a very long time. It's got almost 50 music videos spread across 2 DVD's and only a few are missing. When the press release was sent out, Madonna's people touted unseen footage for Justify My Love (which was banned by MTV for a nipple *gasp*) and remastered videos. As you can imagine, people were drooling over the prospect.

Unfortunately, reality set in once people started getting a hold of the actual discs. The videos may be remastered but it does little good:

BOTH DISCS ARE SINGLE LAYERED. Fitting almost 50 videos onto 2 single layered discs takes a great deal of compression and almost impossible to make it look good. Music Videos typically have a lot of quick cuts and jumps and compression is very important. Which leads me to my next point...

WB decided to include both a PCM soundtrack AND a 5.1 soundtrack! While, on the surface, it's a great idea (none of her videos have ever been released in 5.1), if you put that with the single-layer disc issue, you get MAJORLY SCREWED. It doesn't matter how much you remaster the videos; if you treat them like this, any remastering work will be for nothing.

Oh....and the "unseen footage" on Justify My Love is just that: unseen. They decided to censor the damn video so that you are now not able to see the nipples. Bravo, Warner.

By all accounts, this project is a massive failure. I'm not sure who I should blame (WB? the producers? Madonna?) but someone should bend over for this whole thing.

And don't even get me started on the CD collection. *sigh* One of the producers twittered that his new song isn't the finished product and wants fans to beg WB to allow him to release it. Not to mention digital clicks, illogical editing (that creates new lyrics!) and a host of other problems.

This entire project is a failure.
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I agree. I would kind of like to see that Confessions Tour released on Blu-ray. That would be great! The DVD of it looks horrible. It is so pixelated.

Originally Posted by anavrin0901 /forum/post/17253916

I agree. I would kind of like to see that Confessions Tour released on Blu-ray. That would be great! The DVD of it looks horrible. It is so pixelated.

And you know why it's so pixelated? WB decided to put a goddman DTS track PLUS a PCM track on it!!! MORONS!
Here's a review:

CELEBRATION, 2-DVD review (US edition, NTSC)

I've just finished watching that infamous DVD set while taking notes, and so much for a Celebration - I'd rather shoot myself than go through this mess again.

-It's clear we're not dealing with a real, proper 5.1 mix here (that would be: a properly done remixing using separate studio elements, done by the original producers of the songs, in order to achieve a coherent and audiophile-friendly recreation on 6 tracks of what they originally created for the then-current 2 tracks stereo medias ). No, what we have here is an upmix created using the newly "remastered" stereo tracks. The guys who worked on the Beatles remasters can sleep tight: Nobody employed by Warner is gonna be able to steal their job.

Video: This version is slightly sharper than the promo VOB/dvd rip circulating online. The colors have been unnecessarily boosted and yet the picture is a bit too pale compared to the promo version, which had darker/deeper blacks. This one suffers at times from its low bitrate, but it's not so bad considering what's coming up.
Audio [pcm track]: Good job, although obviously a re-re-master as it appears to be lifted from the 2000 remastered reissue of the album.
Winner (video): The promo version.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Alternate edit, (a minute shorter than the one on the Immaculate Collection), so let's compare it with the same version of the video which is currently circulating from a promo DVD. The picture is softer and less detailed than the promo version. The colors are also more pale and the blacks are, again, grey instead of black. The overall low bitrate used for the videos on this new collection clearly shows its flaws here - this is a god damned pixel-fest. Yuk.
Audio [pcm track]: A rather discreet and useful remaster.
Winner (video): The promo VOB, quite clearly.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: The picture is less detailed than on the Immaculate Collection (it's obviously the same master used for both editions, but they've used the usual ******** noise reduction filter on this one). And the colors have again been unnecessarily boosted. No trace of noise reduction here, but where the IC version kept the original 35mm grain rather intact, what we have here are blocks and digital noise instead. The picture is also very slightly cropped on the sides (!). Cheap encoding, bad interlacing: overall useless.
Audio [pcm track]: The remastered audio is surprisingly good on this one (as were all the tracks on the 2000 remastered edition of the MADONNA album - someone has been doing their job back then obviously)
Winner (video): The IC version by a long shot.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Same version as on the I.C. (with the "lion's tongue"), and same master used for both video collections, with here a softer/less detailed picture (same noise reduction problem), useless color boost, and an even slighter crop of the sides of the picture.
Audio [pcm track]: A rather good remaster makes it a new enjoyable listening experience.
Winner (video): The IC version.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: The noise reduction isn't so bad on this one, but the rest is. Again that damned color boost, and the picture is too pale compared to the IC version. Some very obvious artifacts and shivering problems all around - this is just ridiculous video quality for anything other than an SVCD.
Audio [pcm track]: A proper and clean remaster, not overly done.
Winner (video): The IC version
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: A tad better than the promo DVD circulating (the master is cleaner here, doesn't have dust particles) but still not anywhere what could be expected on such a DVD. The blacks aren't black and the picture is even a bit shaky. As for the audio, watch out for the god awful fade out at the end (while trying to recreate the original video's soundtrack, they've faded it out a tad too late.) Let's give a C- to this one, considering most 80's videos released on DVD usually aren't that hot quality in general. So far in the test, the only reason to purchase CELEBRATION, although a very thin one.
Audio [pcm track]: Quite an appropriate remaster, clean and loud without changing this classic to much.
Winner (video): This version.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Previously unreleased on DVD. Compared to the promo-DVD version, this one appears to be less colorful, and way too pale. The definition is about the same, although noticeably softer in some very short parts of the video.
Audio [pcm track]: Very decent remaster, works very well at very high volume. Much enjoyable.
Winner (video): I'll stick with the promo VOB for this one. Again.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Previously unreleased on DVD, even through promo, so, we can only call this one a winner. It's actually quite good despite the low bitrate: The blacks are deep, the colors vivid, and the picture is rather sharp. Still the same artifacts/interlacing problems to report, and the picture is also shaky. Not the worst from the set for sure, but certainly not what I'd call a high quality remaster.
Audio [pcm track]: Very nicely done. This reworked audio gives new depth to the music while remaining very 80s sounding. Nice.
Winner (video): Well this one, obviously. It's not excellent, but certainly preferable to any VHS rip.
Winner (audio): The new remaster works.

Video: Practically a clone to the IC version, although ever so slightly softer and less detailed (again, that damned noise reduction). A bit blocky at times, certainly not too bad, but the quality still ain't au par with that of the IC collection (a DVD released more than a decade ago). Useless. And yes, the nipple is still there, at least!
Audio [pcm track]: Same as for Live To Tell, this appears to have been remastered using the elements used for the 2000 remastered reissue of the True Blue album (ie: a proper remastering job)
Winner (video): Close call, but the IC version is richer, cleaner and has better encoding.
Winner (audio): This one, definitely.

Video: Previously unreleased on DVD (even through promos). So ok, this version is of course much better than the crappy VHS rips found so far. But what's the use of offering a video for the first time on DVD if it's to plague it with such an awful encoding? The artifacts just jump at you right from the start of the video. SVCD alert. The blue tones and backgrounds never liked low bitrates MPG2 encoding anyway, so this was to be expected from a single-layered DVD with so many videos and dual soundtracks.
Audio [pcm track]: Like the other remastered tracks from the True Blue album: Good job.
Winner (video): Better than all the rips online, but not anywhere as good as it could have been with a proper encoding on a dual-layer DVD.
Winner (audio): Good remaster.

Video: The best on the DVD so far, or should I say the "least worst"? The IC version was always a bit too pale, but the colors here are finally doing justice to Mondino's beautiful work. The blacks are deep enough, the definition is a bit better than the other videos from Celebration *so far*, and given what little physical space was given to this video on the DVD, the encoding isn't so awful, and the artifacts are kept to a minimum. This version is also showing just a little bit more picture on the sides than the IC version, which was (very lightly) cropped. Shame the whole DVD wasn't done properly on dual-layers, or this would have been an A- transfer with the proper encoding. Best so far here, but that doesn't say much.
Audio [pcm track]: Again, same as for the other TB tracks: Very proper and respectful remasters.
Winner (video): Almost a draw, but the IC version, still, even though a bit too pale, has much better encoding and grain.
Winner (audio): This one.

Video: Same master used on the IC, but that's where it ends. Pixels, shaky picture, bad interlacing, horrible noise reduction, useless color boost, bad cropping: You name it, it's there. Simply ridiculous.
Audio [pcm track]: Nice remaster, but why bother - the visual experience make it completely useless.
Winner (video): The IC version, although I'm tempted to say "none". The IC version had its problems (ridiculous Beta master with colors "drooling" everywhere, an encoding damaging the original film grain), and this version has new problems (stupid noise reduction, shaky picture during camera movements due to that crappy encoding)... I'll chose none until this excellent video gets the treatment it deserves (a proper release using the original film elements used - which is exactly what should be done when the world leading record company releases a video retrospective of the world's biggest pop act).
Winner (audio): Clearly, this version.

Video: Previously unreleased on DVD even though promo, so again, nothing to decently compare it with. The picture's definition is rather good (and even surprisingly good on some shots), the colors are lively, although a bit blue-ish overall compared to what we'd seen before.
Audio [pcm track]: I'd say "good" if it wasn't for some ridiculous distortions which make the sound go suddenly slower for some brief moments. Another example that this DVD was released without any care.
Winner (video): Better than nothing I guess.
Winner (audio): Decent enough for a remaster, a bit useless.

Video: Noise reduction, shivering picture, no more grain from the 35mm film: Not even as good as what they've done more than 10 years ago with the IC version. Why bother?
Audio [pcm track]: An OK remaster, more like a boost-up. Doesn't feel like this couldn't be achieved by any Madonna fan with basic knowledge of his audio tools.
Winner (video): The IC version, by a very long shot.
Winner (audio): This one (sigh).

Video: The version here presented is the original version, about a minute longer than the IC version. And if it wasn't for (again) the awful noise reduction (which totally kills the cinematic effect intended for this great video), and the ridiculous low Q encoding, it would be great. Only it's, well, ****.
Audio [pcm track]: Different remaster than the one used on the CD version of Celebration, weirdly enough. There's still that crappy noise right at the start, but the missing echo on "Do you believe in love?" is back like in the original video, and it's not the same awful copy'n'paste job than on the CD. A decent remaster overall.
Winner (video): Needless to say, the IC version (although shorter/butchered, it at least has decent picture quality). A good transfer of this version has yet to see the light of day.
Winner (audio): The IC version worked well enough. This one is nicely boosted but features some unwanted elements, so... your pick.

Video: Very close to that of the Immaculate collection (ie: STILL not properly transfered). Again that stupid noise reduction and awful encoding, only it's not as visible as on the other videos since we've yet to see a decent transfer of Cherish on DVD.
Audio [pcm track]:A more discreet and natural remaster. Rather good!
Winner (video): The IC one (although not great, it's still superior to this badly "de-noised" version).
Winner (audio): This version (and it doesn't feature the too-early fade-out the IC version had)

Video: Probably the closest between all the IC versions and the Celebration versions. Virtually the same, nothing has been retouched except, guess what? ****ing noise reduction filter again. The original grain is gone, but don't worry: it's been replaced with artifacts and reminiscence around everything. Not vomit-inducing, but simply a pitiful "remaster" and a lame edition.
Audio [pcm track]:My personal favorite of all these remastered audio tracks. Gives new life to the track without changing it.
Winner (video): Duh. Immaculate forever.
Winner (audio): This one by a long shot.

Video: Here comes trouble. This is truly a shame, and for many reasons. Yes, the video is censored with black rectangles over a couple of harmless nipples, because, you know, Madonna fans and all the little children of the world could go blind otherwise, and such decisions say a lot about Madonna's artistic integrity nowadays. But other than this god awful decision, the real shame is that JML was only previously released through VHS and promo DVD, and none of these transfers did justice to the great arthouse cinematography or even faithfully rendered the original 16mm film grain, which this new censored print does! Of course, it's all spoiled due to the very low encoding quality (or: "when film grain become blocks and artifacts") and to the ridiculous censoring. Good going Warner and Madonna for spoiling some of her most eloquent work.
Audio [pcm track]: It is wasn't for the saturation and that bad vocal mix, it could have been a good remaster. As such, it's not.
Winner (video): None. The VHS transfer was just that, the promo DVD version sucked, and this censored LQ monstrosity sucks even harder.
Winner (audio): None. Go back to listen to the Q-sound mix on the IC while remembering the video as you recall it - it can only be better than this.

19. EROTICA (R-rated version)
Video: And more trouble here, thank you Warner. a/ film grain equals **** when encoded with low bitrate and b/ Noise reduction is not the way to go to solve this. Other than this, this is the full-length, 5'11 censored version of Erotica (we knew we wouldn't get the X-rated version, but it's nice to see they didn't chose the 4'30 edit previously issued through promos at least!). I don't know what some of you guys had been smoking before reviewing this video on Fanzine, but in no way does it feature any alternate shots - this is, shot by shot, the video we already knew. Not the worst transfer of the DVD, and not a crappy edit, so I guess it should be satisfying enough.
Audio [pcm track]: Good remaster, and this one (unlike the awful Celebration CD version) doesn't feature any editing done by an obviously deaf person.
Winner (video): I'll stick with the promo DVD/VOB previously shared online, which, although too bright, has much better sharpness/grain/taints and doesn't suffer the noise reduction filter, the low bitrate/encoding and the mediocre color boost.
Winner (audio): Much better audio Q than the promo VOB or album version - very enjoyable remaster, imho.

Video: This is the full-length version of the video (with the spoken intro by Udo Kier and the banana scene). Like the rest: compared to the Promo Only vob, this one has awful digital noise reduction, and wild pixels all over. The 16mm grain is almost all gone in profit of digital artifacts. But no sign of color "corrections" on this one at least.
Audio [pcm track]: I must admit - this remastered version kicked my ass. The basses are wild and it remains faithful to the original album version while giving it a little something special that won't make you popular with your neighbors.
Winner (video): The promo-only VOB wins, no contest.
Winner(audio): This version, worth having to suffer the not-so-good video quality.

21. RAIN
Video: We're now in 93:99 territory and the differences are likely to be less obvious between the Celebration and the 93:99 versions. Starting with Rain. Absolutely the same master without any sort of correction done. Identical on every level - well except the **** encoding here.
Audio [pcm track]: Good and clear remaster, very close to the original too.
Winner (video): The 93:99 version for higher bitrate and less artifacts, although both are real close.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: No difference whatsoever with the Promo Only vob available online, except a ****load of pixels and artifacts appearing at certain points of the video. Truly horrible at times. Worst compression seen in a while!
Audio [pcm track]: A good remaster/boost.
Winner (video): The promo VOB, "no hesitation".
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Noticeably damaged by the bad compression, and ridiculously blocky at certain points (cf. the drag queen in hallway shot). More contrasted than the 93:99 version (not a good thing in the present case).
Audio [pcm track]: A clean and neat remaster which avoids betraying the original mix.
Winner (video): The 93:99 Collection version, hands down.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: A bit more bright and contrasted than the 93:99 version. Here again, the compression and sharpness is inferior to the version previously released.
Audio [pcm track]: A few clips here and there due to a clumsy remastering.
Winner (video): The 93:99 version for its superior mpg2 encoding.
Winner (audio): The 93:99 version (although not remastered, at least it doesn't clip).

Video: Slightly darker and more colorful than the 93:99, this one doesn't suffer its low bitrate too much, and is extremely similar in quality to the 93:99 version. Far from getting the treatment it deserves, this great video is one of the strongest on Celebration, quality-wise.
Audio [pcm track]: Ever so slightly remastered, this is quite a good boost-up.
Winner (video): 93:99 version, for its more faithful colors and slightly better encoding.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Bad noise reduction filter, bad! Bad pixels, bad! Crazy interlacing. SVCD territory, welcome back!
Audio [pcm track]: Discreet and honorable work on the remastering. Excellent dynamic on the door slams!
Winner (video): The 93:99 collection.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: A hot freegin' mess, and the absolute worst of the set. This is just horrendous, blocky beyond reason, and the quality of this sole video justifies getting your money back at the store. Not so much SVCD territory anymore, we're talking about Real-Video quality from the 90s here. Worth pulling your eyes out with a dirty spoon used by someone with Avian flue. How can my promo-VHS rip of this video be better than an officially licensed DVD? Well it is. I'll upload it later BTW, ah!
Audio [pcm track]: If only the video part was as good as the audio....
Winner (video): Anything's better than this. A VHS rip, a VCD rip, or a bowel movement. This gets the grand prize for worst quality seen on an official DVD in recent years.
Winner (audio): Good remaster. Enhances the Something To Remember version nicely.

Video: Pixels alert. Rather crap quality, but after I Want You, anything else will look like it got THX-approved.
Audio [pcm track]: Hum, not so hot. Sounds a bit hollow compared to the album Q, and the vocals on the chorus are just messed up here.
Winner (video): The Promo Only VOB circulating online, hands down.
Winner (audio): The Promo Only VOB here again.

Video: Getting old just sucks, my memory is playing tricks on me. I thought Madonna morphed into crows in that video, but actually she changes into pixels flying in the desert. Very mystical and groundbreaking of her. Other than this: the picture's darkened, slightly more colorful, quite well defined but greatly suffers from the low compression.
Audio [pcm track]: Nice little remaster. Works for me and fits well Orbit's style actually.
Winner (video): Do I really need to say it?
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Much sharper than the way-too-soft-and-blurry version on 93:99. Definitely a new master. That would have been real nice to watch if encoded properly. Unfortunately, the **** compression is here to remind us that even with a new better source, this DVD remains way inferior to a product sold more than a decade ago, yawn.
Audio [pcm track]: Nice little boost up, but lacks of lows and gets a bit too sharp (ie annoying) at times.
Winner (video): The 93:99 version. Too soft, but well encoded and not so blocky at least.
Winner (audio): The 93:99 version.

Video: Less colors but sharper than the 93:99 edition. The weak encoding ruins it here again (hello, pixel, I see you brought your friends. Many of them.).
Audio [pcm track]: Same kind of enhancement on this one than on Ray Of Light, but it works better here, and doesn't get too clicky.
Winner (video): The 93:99 edition.
Winner (audio): The 93:99 edition too, as this remaster is a bit useless.

Video: Horrible, horrible quality. Back to VCD-land here again: The rich, green tones really don't agree with the low bitrate allowed. Truly awful.
Audio [pcm track]: Useless, slightly annoying remaster with doesn't do justice to the slick production of this track. Bad.
Winner (video): The 93:99 collection version.
Winner (audio): The 93:99 collection version.

Video: I see less colors, I see artifacts, up to Madonna's ass crack.
Audio [pcm track]: It's all highs, very little bottom. Not a very good job to say the least.
Winner (video): The version included on TNBT dvds.
Winner (audio): The version included on TNBT dvds.

34. MUSIC (long version)
Video: Not very good. Less colorful, less contrasts, more artifacts and pixels then the MUSIC dvd-single version. And I suppose Madonna's awful vocal acting ("Stooop. Put the music back on") can't be considered a technical flaw, can it?
Audio [pcm track]: Now we're talking. Play this out loud, loud, loud and expect an eviction notice soon. This is how I've wanted to hear that track for a long time.
Winner (video): The Music single version.
Winner (audio): This version, hands down.

Video: One of the worst use they could have made from their beloved noise reduction filter. Need I mention the artifacts again? Lame. A 1st grader could do a better remaster than this using ****ing Virtualdub.
Audio [pcm track]: Well I liked it, but it's messed up. Not sure Mr. Mirwais would approve. But fine as it is.
Winner (video): The Promo Only DVD vob by a long shot.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Not trying to be an "Ol' Kunt", but, ahhh, 2001... they knew how to encode MPG2 back in those days.
Audio [pcm track]: Rather excellent - terrific basses and depth all over. Very good remastering work on this one imho.
Winner (video): The WIFLFAG dvd single, no contest.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Not so hot (the usual problems inherent to the whole DVD), but still better than the copy available on promos and on the Bond film DVD.
Audio [pcm track]: Nicely done, powerful and clean.
Winner (video): This version.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: ****ing awful. The rich, vibrant and quickly changing colors are no friends of low encodings in general, and the rule applies here, definitely.
Audio [pcm track]: You know things are starting very badly when the first thing you hear in that HOLLYWOOD video are the last notes and lyrics from American Life! Yes, the audio is directly lifted from the AL album, hence that bad start. Any amateur editor would have avoided that. Simply ridiculous.
Winner (video): The Promo-Only VOB version, no question about it.
Winner (audio): The fart of a dead moose would sound better than this (at least it wouldn't start with the last bits of another song!)

Video: Still not as good as the Promo Only version, even though that wasn't very hot to begin with. Moving CGI flowers changing into pixels? Lovely. NOT!
Audio [pcm track]: Good remaster, faithful to the original mix, just louder. Discreet enough to be enjoyed!
Winner (video): Any of the promo VOBs.
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Honestly, it's ****, and it's not even a question of compression only. The promo VOB sent to the press at the time of the Hung Up release was only 120mb and was absolutely fantastic quality. This one is 225mb and is complete ****, and just unwatchable. If Madonna approved this, she's either blind as a bat or used her Ipod to check the videos' quality.
Audio [pcm track]: Terrific. Not necessarily for an audiophile, but killer when played at high volume!
Winner (video): The promo video, by a long shot!!
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: And there, we've reached a new low: A video shot in Panavision, then pan and scaned, and then letterboxed! Not to mention the quality, worth of a second generation VHS tape, when the promos circulating are in excellent quality. Wow, impressive. Technical mediocrity has reached a new level, congratulations Warner!
Audio [pcm track]: Whatever. Doesn't matter. Who cares.
Winner (video): My home movies shot in 8mm in the 70s have known cleaner and better transfers than this nightmare.
Winner (audio): Too busy rubbing my eyes to even care.

42. GET TOGETHER (alternate version)
Video: Ridiculous short edit. Below average picture quality. Questionable use of a badly done 16:9 encoding (the only one of this set so far, all the other letterboxed videos are in non-anamorphic 4:3, 1.33:1 ratio)
Audio [pcm track]: Kinda liked the sound (just a louder, slightly clearer boost), but the bad editing ruins it anyway.
Winner (video): The promo VOB circulating online.
Winner (audio): The album version.

43. JUMP
Video: Jump... by the window, that is. OK, to be honest, it's not that bad compared to the rest. Not acceptable quality, but not the worst.
Audio [pcm track]: Sounds a bit amateurish (EQ loudness, much?)
Winner (video): The promo VOB (better encoding)
Winner (audio): The promo VOB (a more real and genuine sound), and this edit is very clumsy.

Video: Although widely available in true HD form, this one is featured here in 4:3 letterbox. Average picture quality, but then again, at this point, anything better than an SVCD looks wonderful, even that crappy video.
Audio [pcm track]: Slight saturations make it a miss.
Winner (video): The HD promo file.
Winner (audio): The album version

Video: The best from this DVD. Not great quality, but perfectly watchable compared to the rest (and "average" compared to any decently produced music DVD).
Audio [pcm track]: "Remastered" neatly enough to make one believe that track needed it.
Winner (video): The promo VOB (similar quality, but the promo was in 16:9)
Winner (audio): This version.

Video: Quite good actually, compared to the vob ripped from the promo DVD. The second (and last) video from the set to be encoded in 16:9.
Audio [pcm track]: Very similar, but louder than the promo version.
Winner (video): This version because of the 16:9 encoding and clearer/better colors and definition.
Winner (audio): This version.

47. CELEBRATION (Dancers version)
Video: Not anywhere near today's quality standard for a video. But it's an old video after all. A month old, at least.
Audio [pcm track]: Vibrant and loud - nice.
Winner (video): I'll pick the MOV file from Jonas' website - it gives a much better result once encoded to MPG2 than this version. Seriously. Nice way to end that crappy compilation, Warner!
Winner (audio): Same as the CD-Maxi version.

(Quite happy to be done with this. Never again!)


- Most video tracks, if not all of them, are screwed up and a true mockery from Warner & Madonna to their customers.

- The missing videos (American Life, Bad Girl, Oh Father, Drowned World, some of Madonna's all time best) are greatly missed.

- Try not to encourage this kind of low quality release by a/ not buying the product and b/ voicing your opinion to them quite loudly if necessary, so more care goes into their next Madonna release (which might happen... very soon.)
SO it sounds like this dvd is just crap then.
Great but truly disappointing review DigitalfreakNYC.

As as fellow Madonna nut can you tell me which videos were shot on film and could one day be releases in HD.

Hopefully Bad Girl and Oh Father were shot on film would love to see those beautiful videos in high definition.
At this point, anything on high-def would be a welcome relief!
I can confim that the DVD is sub-standard quality. Each video is filled with compression artifacts. It looks to me like it was originally mastered for 2 dual layer DVDs, then re-compressed to fit on single layer DVDs. It has the look you would get over doing the compression using something like DVD Shrink. it looks like a bootleg. The PCM soundtrack is excellent. 5.1 is awful.

Does anyone know how to complain to Warner about this? I think the issue is severe enough to warrant issuing a corrected version with dual layer discs. It really is that bad.

Originally Posted by litemakr /forum/post/17271062

I can confim that the DVD is sub-standard quality. Each video is filled with compression artifacts. It looks to me like it was originally mastered for 2 dual layer DVDs, then re-compressed to fit on single layer DVDs. It has the look you would get over doing the compression using something like DVD Shrink. it looks like a bootleg. The PCM soundtrack is excellent. 5.1 is awful.

Does anyone know how to complain to Warner about this? I think the issue is severe enough to warrant issuing a corrected version with dual layer discs. It really is that bad.

Thanks for chiming in!

I think there are a few Madonna websites that are listing email addresses to complain to. However, the problem is that right now Warner Music is in the process of being acquired by another company so, I'm assuming, they won't give a **** about any complaints they receive.

It's a horribly unfortunate situation and you're not alone in your "bootleg" comparison. The problem is that, in this day and age, most bootlegs are of better quality than this. Creating a fake 5.1 track is just absurd.
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I have the Immaculate Collection dvd, and thats good enough for me, I liked her old songs better than her new stuff, and that dvd has all her good old stuff. I would to see that in bluray.
im a little bit late here, but i recently acquired

the 2cd/2dvd sets & i just wanted to say that

it (CDs) has way too much dynamic compression!

i have japanese 1st pressings of her 1st 3 CDs and

they sound WAY better than this ipod friendly atrocity!

as far as the dvd, as some one else pointed out

they compressed the heck out of the videos and

the audio isnt 5.1, just re-re-mastered stereo!

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does the technology even

exist to make those crappy

(quality) 80's videos look

anywhere near "hi-def"?

i think two less compressed dvd-9's

wouldve done the videos justice..

Originally Posted by nick99ie /forum/post/17269834

Great but truly disappointing review DigitalfreakNYC.

As as fellow Madonna nut can you tell me which videos were shot on film and could one day be releases in HD.

Hopefully Bad Girl and Oh Father were shot on film would love to see those beautiful videos in high definition.

i see..
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