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Mag 557 Auto Wipe or Dumb User?

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Here's a troubling mystery: I own a H2160, MDR527, and a MDR557, all in the same AV rack. Never a problem with the first two. But every year for the past three years, when the 557 gets close to the max 600 stored titles, the entire saved title list mysteriously wipes out, leaving nothing. The first and second times, I blamed user error. Although I have the face of the 557 covered when using the remote on one of the other Mags in the same rack, I thought that by some coincidental combination of commands that I manually triggered a full hard drive purge (HDD Menu Delete All). But when it happened a third time...too much of a coincidence. And I never "accidentally" erased just a single title or had any other remote bleed-through errors.

*Obviously, 557 is on when erasure occurs.
*Usually 20-40 LP hours left on drive.
*Happens at approx. same time of year when close to 600 titles are saved.

Any theories?
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The structure of the titles list on the hard drive has an absolute limit.

I haven't seen it myself.. but when IsoBuster was adding support to read recordings off the HDD.. the author mentioned the data structure had finite title list limits.

Neither he nor I have ever seen the firmware source code.. but we wondered what would happen if that absolute limit were exceeded.

Wiping the titles list is one possibility, reformatting the HDD is another.

Since IsoBuster knows how to read the HDD format of all those recorders HDD and tries to assign a title, but doesn't need one to recover the recording.. you might be able to see if the recordings are still there.
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