Magico makes some of the finest—and most expensive—speakers I've ever heard. In its pursuit of audio perfection, the company introduced the M Project in 2014, a 3-way, 5-driver design with curved carbon-fiber side panels. Now, the evolution of that line continues with the Magico M6, which expands upon the ideas embodied in its progenitor.

The floorstanding M6 is a 3-way, 5-driver speaker with a carbon-fiber monocoque enclosure—that is, the entire structure is a single piece of seamless, 1/2-inch-thick carbon fiber. Four massive aluminum billets are machined to produce a continuously curved exterior with no sharp angles. Compared with more conventional materials and construction techniques, this increases the strength-to-weight ratio by a factor of 60 while reducing the weight by 50% and the outer dimensions by 30% without reducing the internal volume. The curved interior and exterior walls minimize internal standing waves and eliminate external diffractions. Interestingly, the entire enclosure is completely sealed.

The Magico M6 incorporates a new, more efficient version of the tweeter found in the M Project with a dome-shaped, diamond-coated beryllium diaphragm measuring 28mm. Using state-of-the-art finite-element analysis modeling tools, Magico was able to improve the tweeter's performance with greater power handling. Combined with a new motor system and acoustically improved back chamber, the company claims this tweeter has the lowest distortion measurements of any high-frequency transducer.

A single 6" midrange cone driver is made from graphene-based material that is 30% lighter and 300% stiffer than its predecessors. The driver sits in a new reverse horn-shaped sub-enclosure made of a proprietary carbon-fiber composite. This chamber is extremely stiff and ideally damped to disperse internal standing waves without needing lots of damping materials.

Low frequencies are ably reproduced by three 10.5" cone drivers consisting of carbon and nanographene in a multi-wall design. Powering each of the cones is a neodymium magnet and a 5" pure titanium voice coil with 1" of linear excursion. This allows them to produce sound pressure levels up to 120 dB at 50 Hz measured at a distance of 1 meter.

Magico's exclusive Elliptical Symmetry Crossover maximizes frequency bandwidth while preserving phase linearity and minimizing intermodulation distortion. Perhaps that's why these speakers have only a single pair of terminals with no option for biamping or biwiring. Overall sensitivity is spec'd at 91 dB/W/m, and the nominal impedance is 4 ohms, which means you need a power amp capable of safely driving such a load. The minimum recommended power is 30 watts; no upper limit is specified, but the M Project can take up to 1000W, so I imagine the M6 can handle whatever you throw at it. Frequency response is spec'd from 22 Hz to 50 kHz—talk about high-resolution audio!

The Magico M6 is fairly large at 57" (H) x 26" (D) x 20"/15" (W) and really heavy at 390 pounds, and it sits on a 3-point base, which is more stable than any 4-point base. It's scheduled to ship in the third quarter of this year for—gulp!—$172,000/pair. That's an awful lot of dough, but if you've got the resources, these speakers will no doubt do you proud.