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I'm almost sold on this unit - but wanted to verify a few things.

The Problems I've seen posted to the board:

1. AutoClock setting makes it go haywire.

2. E19 bug - Finalize/Format/Erase

Are there any other problems with this model?

Questions I have:

1. I think the manual stated that the timed recordings will record in SP mode (2 hour mode) only - is this correct?

2. Does this recorder record DVDs in +VR mode only?

2a. What is the difference(s) between +VR and DVD-Video (other than compatibility with standard dvd players)?

2b. Is there any way to record video in DVD-Video mode on Re-Writable disks?

2c. Do record once dvd's (DVD-R/DVD+R) record in DVD-Video mode?

3. How problematic is the copy protection on this device?

3a. Is there any way to circumvent the copy protection?

3b. Does the copy protection work only on digital channels?

3c. Is there any way to record copy protected video to this unit via coax cable input?

3d. Can you transfer copy-once video to DVD?

Thanks in advance for the replies. Please excuse my questions of they are repeated elsewhere on this forum. If they are I haven't found them yet.

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