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I work the graveyard shift during the weekend. So for 3 days I don't watch any television. I just let the Magnavox record it for me. I've been more than happy with the performance until now.

I just found out it didn't record anything for three days even though the programming guide is still there. It was automatically recording stuff this morning but there was no sound. I played a program from two weeks ago and the sound came through fine.

I disconnected my digital antenna from the Maggy and hooked it directly to my television. Sound came out fine so that's not it.

Any idea of an at-home fix or do I need to exchange it?

I bought it through Wal-Mart's website several months ago with the extended warranty. Any idea how exchanges would work if I have to make one? Can they just send it to my local store and I can come in and make a swap?

Update: I have a VCR hooked up to the Maggy. I played a tape through it and I did get sound. It recorded fine with audio. So it isn't a general sound issue. It specifically has to deal with digital tv sound input/output.

Another Update: It's fixed! I have NO CLUE how. I was reading the manual and decided to go through the General Settings again to see if I missed something…turned it on and it's fine. *scratching head and shrugging*
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