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magnavox mdr515

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I am considering buying a refurbished Magnavox 2160 or a new Magnavox MDR 515/F7 500GB HDD. Which is the better one.

My panasonic ez47/48vk is only being used a VCR til now. I can buy either of the magnavox items but trying to decide on which one.

thanks in advance.


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I had that same decision to make a month or so ago. For me owning two other 2160s I figured out I really didn't need all the extra onboard storage. Things I want to save I generally edit and burn to DVD fairly quickly, then make a DVD "backup" copy of the program with my computer. 1-2 additional DVD "backup" copies total are a pretty cheap solution, even using top quality media. The quality of the JR.COM refurb 2160 was flawless. And I can always put in a bigger HDD later if I decide I need more space.

However, if you plan to keep tons of stuff on the Maggy Hard Drive then the additional storage of the 515 may offset the higher price in your case. Good luck either way.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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