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Magnepan MGCC3 Awesome Center Channel in Black; REDUCED

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Arguably the best center channel Magnepan has ever made. The most full range extension, the widest dispersion. No complicated tri-speaker setup or odd crossover necessary.

Selling because I am going for matched LCR behind an AT screen.

Bluebook is $642. Will consider all reasonable offers.

There are many glowing reviews online. Here is one that explains why this is a great speaker:

"The $990 USD CC3 uses two planar-magnetic drivers with a crossover point of 900Hz to reportedly produce the range from 80Hz to 20kHz. Sensitivity is quoted as 86dB/W/m. The tweeter is 31" x 2 1/2" (32 1/2 square inches), while the bass driver is 155 square inches. The 15-pound, 5 1/2"-deep CC3 is of nearly 3" less deep than the CC2 while retaining its predecessor's 36" and 11" height. More important than obvious visible changes is one that you cannot see: Where the CC2 was a single curved planar-magnetic segment, the CC3, while still continuous, loses its curvature for a length of about nine inches smack dab in the center. The reason for this is as ingenious as it is simple. Small dipolar speakers suffer from rapid bass roll-off due to the fact that longer low-frequency soundwaves will bend around the speaker to cancel the equal yet out-of-phase output on the other side of the speaker. One solution is to create a natural and gentle rise in the speaker's voicing as frequencies fall to naturally offset that cancellation. The other solution, which involves making the speaker so physically large as to preclude these cancellations, is obviously inappropriate for a speaker intended for center-channel placement.

Through the creation of this new flat spot, Magnepan has managed to change the bottom-end resonance signature of the CC3 by spreading the bass driver's natural resonant frequencies over new and varied areas. Magnepan has now squeezed an entire extra octave of bass frequencies from the CC3, making it suitable for use with the bass-management systems incorporated in the bulk of surround-sound processors as well as putting the CC3's lower limits well within reach of most subwoofers in situations where bass management isn't available. This means that Maggie users who have heretofore eschewed the use of outboard bass-management systems because of their added circuitry and complexity now have a guilt-free center-channel solution."

Shipping and Paypal fees additional.
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Received. Considering this closed. Thanks! Tracking number soon.
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