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Magnepan MGMC1s as sides?

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I'm trying to figure out the best way to use a pair of Magnepan MGMC1s as side speakers (acknowledging that the answer might be simply end being "don't do that"). These are the little maggies that can affix to walls.

My confusion is over how best to mount them. I've run my wiring to the right positions left and right of the seating area, but I can't figure out what variety of mounting is going to generate acceptable/appropriate sound.

If I swing the speakers out perpendicular with the wall, the listeners' ears will be facing the edge of the speaker, which I would imagine wouldn't work out right at all.

Alternatively, I could mount the speakers so that they can be swung out from the wall maybe 30 degrees, but I question whether this is enough space to make them sound right, and even given that scenario, I'm not sure if they should be mounted just ahead of the seating area and facing back, or just behind the seating area and facing forward. (Bear in mind that these are supposed to be sides. I've already got MG12s in the back.)

Or is the answer simply "don't do that"? :)

Thanks for any tips.

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I'm using a pair as (side) surrounds. I mounted them following Magnepan's instructions: the bottom of the panel is 20" off the floor and they are angled so that the tweeter is aimed directly at the sweet spot.

I'm about to experiment with something to dampen the backwave on the area of the wall directly behind them.
The review that I recently read of the new MMG C and MMG W's described the front speakers being wall mounted and angled 30 degrees towards the listening position and the sides channels being swung out perpendicular to the wall.

Anyone else heard about these new models? I'm pretty excited about them because I'm in an apartment on an extended work assignment and I don't have the space to set up the full Maggie HT rig that I have at home.

Mike H.
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