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Magnepan speakers

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Does anyone here own a pair of magnepan speakers?

I was wondering about a pair. I found the Magnepan MMG's to have a good price tag. I have been considering upgrading my mains but haven't found a speaker that compares to my existing pair yet.

I am a long way from a dealer, don't want to make the trip for nothing. =)

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I have a complete Maggie surround system augmented by a Velodyne 12" sub: 1.6QRs for front L/R, MMGCC1 for center channel and MMGSS1s for rear surrounds. I had a pair of MMGs and they really are an incredible bargain, like much of the rest of the line. Color me satisfied!


I've listened to a MMG-based surround system ($2k for all 5 speakers) and was impressed at the bang/buck. Keep in mind that you will definately want a high quality subwoofer & good amplification (they are power hungry). They have a very clean, detailed sound but are poor in the bass reproduction department (similar to other panel speakers). I'd recommend spending a day to go hear them...


I too will vouch for the MMG speakers. They are an outstanding value. I have a set for sale, if anyone is interested.

I am selling mine to assemble an M&K THX system. They are 1 yr old, in near-perfect condition, and black with oak trim. I'll ship them anywhere in the continental U.S., in the original box, for $400. Of course, a new pair at $500 is a good deal too.


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Buy the MMGs, you'll be glad you did. I have two pair of maggies that are similar to the MMGs and there's nothing that comes close for anywhere near the money, I've looked.
I've already posted this question in another thread but am posting in this thread also as I don't think it really belonged in the other thread after thinking about it...

Has anyone in Canada taken advantage of the MMG offer? I am wondering how difficult the process of getting them to Canada is, and which of the various taxes are actually charged.

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