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Magnetic Sheilding - Definitive Tech Sub - how close to DLP Tv

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I have a Definitive Technology PF1500TL subwoofer (15 inch approx 350 powered sub). I'm wondering if it has any magnetic or acoustic shielding (can't remember the proper term). The reason I'm wondering this is I'd like to place this below or close to my television (Samsung DLP), but I'm affraid it will mess with the internal parts of my TV.

Any thoughts? Should I keep it moved away from the TV or will I be ok?

Is there any way I can test for this (other than sitting it next to the TV and seeing if things mess up?
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I just had my PF15TL+ taken apart this weekend to replace a couple things and I noticed that it had no magnetic shielding whatsoever inside of it. I do not know how close of relatives the two subs are however, yours may be different.

Also, I am not sure what type of problems you would have with magnetic fields with your TV. If it's a CRT definitely keep any unshielded speaker at distance.
I believe the PF1500TL was the same interally as the PF15TL. EXternally it has the glossy caps. I believe the PF15TL+ is the newer PF15TL with the 500W sub. I could be wrong I'm trying to think back 5 years or so when I bought my sub.

Here is the response I got from definitive:

Thanks for your recent email to Definitive Technology. First, thePowerField 1500TL subwoofer is not magnetically shielded. I'd recommendkeeping this subwoofer at least 15" away from your television's picture tube or a computer hard drive. Next, if you're using a rear projection, plasma or DLP television, you canplace the subwoofer as close as you'd like. These televisions don't use a conventional picture tube like direct view televisions do and are not susceptible to magnetic interference.
They're right, of course. A non-CRT display is not effected by magnetic fields.
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