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Magnum screens from Ebay

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Hello everyone. I'm a long time lurker, and rarely post. However, I just moved into a new home that had a dedicated theater room, and I began the search for a projector to outfit it properly.

After months of searching I decided on the Epson 8500UB. Only intended to be my projector for a few years, until the 3D projectors come down in price. Well, I ended up going with the 8350 and was even happier with the cost savings.

Then I focused on a projector screen, what size did I want, etc. 100" in 16x9 format seemed to fit the bill best, and would give me some space on each side for speakers.

I came across Magnum Screens on Ebay, offering a 100", 16x9 screen, for a very attractive price of $189 with free shipping.

Here is an example of one of their ads:

No one had reviewed this screen, aside from Ebay reviews, so I decided to take a risk and purchase it.

When it first arrived, I was happy at the way it was shipped, very sturdy. After opening, I was also very happy with the ease of assembly. I had a little bit of concern about the material (it is about 1/16" to 1/8" inch thick material, and it comes rolled up.) My screen had a few wavy parts, but these were largely pulled out and smoothed when the frame was assembled and it was placed on the wall. After a couple days, it looks like it is perfectly flat now.

I fired up the projector to size the image onto it, but it was late and I did not have enough time to really tinker with it, but with the Epson, it's very easy. I wasn't able to get the picture size correct, and I figured I just needed to play with the zoom a bit later.

The next day I had more time to tweak the projector, and no matter what I did, I could not get the picture to fill the screen viewing area properly. It either expands and drops too low for a given width, or I am left with black bars on each side of the screen.

At first I thought it was my projector. But, I got out my measuring tape and sure enough, the screen was NOT a 100" diagonal viewing area.

For a 16x9 format, the dimensions should be 87"x49". This does not include the frame obviously. The dimensions of my screen measured 85"x46"... not even a true 16x9 dimension.

After a few emails back and forth, they stated that the "100 inch size includes the frame." Well, this is stated nowhere in their advertising. The end result is that I have a projector that can't project an image to fill this screen properly. It was incredibly annoying to see the picture somewhat reflected back on the frame, no matter how I sized it.

The size of my screen is the correct size to them. Anyone who orders a 100" screen will be getting the same size as I did, or roughly a 95" screen, with left over blank area that will be unused. I have no idea about the dimensions of their other products, if they are the correct size, so buyer beware. For the 100" screen, you will not be getting what you think you are paying for.

For the record, they did say they would refund my money, but I would be liable for shipping. Unfortunately I had already gotten rid of the packaging (it was delivered the night before trash day) before I figured this stuff out. For the cost of having to take it down and find some way to ship it back at a cost of at least $50 I'm sure, it isn't worth it to me. So for now, I will be keeping the screen until I can afford to spring for a Carada, or some other well known brand.

Hopefully my experience can help some of you. I'm very disappointed, as I initially liked the quality of this screen very much. What I believe they are doing is using a Wilsonart laminate type, in a 4ft roll, which is not quite enough to properly do a 100" screen.

Lesson learned, and hopefully you guys can make an informed decision now before purchasing.

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Sorry you are less than pleased.

As a stop gap measure you could wrap the frame in some black velvet and then zoom the image large enough to fill and spill. The spill should be virtually undetectable on the black velvet.
The frame is covered in some black fabric, on bright scenes I can see the picture, on dark ones I cannot. I only plan on using the screen for a few months, then I'll purchase another early next year.
As an update:

I've been speaking with Carrie from Magnum over email. We did reach an agreement about a partial refund, which I accepted. So while this didn't turn out to be a completely successful transaction, I want to be honest and fair in saying that her customer service and integrity are top notch. If anyone has any questions, just ask.
Glad to hear they are attempting to do something for you, although it doesn't seem nearly enough. Not only do they nowhere clearly indicate that their screen dimensions include the frame, but look at this photo they use as their first, MAIN photo on their ebay listing:

It seems pretty clear to me that their own photo seems to indicate the 100" diagonal covers ONLY the viewable screen area - NOT from frame edge to frame edge.

Intentionally or not, they are misrepresenting the product, and should make it right to you. IMO, they should fully refund you including shipping.

Finally, if they don't I would assure them that you will both complain to ebay about their knowing misrepresentation and that you will leave them the most negative buyer feedback possible. Any ebay vendor hoping for ongoing business will want to avoid serious negative feedback of this type.

Worst case scenario is you're no worse off, and you certainly have a legitimate gripe.

Good luck.
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Yes, that was the picture I saw as well, and discussed in my emails to them. I am going to leave neutral feedback. I want to be clear here, the screen really is a good product... easy to assemble, mount, and looks good. Has a 1.75" border covered in black felt. The only detractor here is that I didn't get the size I paid for. I would be extremely happy with it if it was the correct size, as the picture quality was great. They credited me some of the purchase price, and I feel it is an acceptable compromise at this point, and I will keep the screen for a few months.

Because of Magnum's willingness to work with me, I will say that I would do business with them again... I would just ask questions first to make sure there are no surprises. They sell several different types of screens, and it's possible that other screens of theirs are the correct size for the viewing area.
I have also been speaking to Carrie. After reading about your problem, I began to notice the reflection or light bleed into the masking material. It wasn't a huge issue for me, neither was the issue of the diagonal measurement being a few inches off. I contacted her to ask if she had a recommendation for a material to recover the frame. To my complete surprise, she said she would be sending me a new screen out Monday. I can not praise Magnum Screens enough for their honesty and integrity. If more companies and individuals operated in such a just and fair manner, imagine how much better off our society would be.
What size/type screen did you purchase?
I purchased the Cinema HD Series 100".
Same screen I purchased. If I was planning on using the screen long term I'd be pissed, because she never offered anything like that to me, and I'm sure we both have the same material covering the frame. Glad things worked out for you though, let us know if there is an improvement with the screen.
Will do. It should be here around Wednesday or Thursday of next week.
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