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Make The Best of a Bad Layout

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I've attached a few photos to try and help with the understanding. Yes, I am a lazy slob. I am comfortable with that about myself, so please save the commentary. :p FYI: The fan is sitting on top of one of the rear surrounds.

To begin with, I have an AVR (Denon X2200W + a 5.1.2 setup that uses 4xFloor standing speakers (all Infinity Primus P363s). The room they're in is a bedroom (I rent because the area is ridiculously expensive) and it has this odd niche on one side. So sort of L-shaped, if the bottom leg of the L were fat and stubby. There's a closet on the opposite wall of the stubby leg part of the room, and the door is at the corner of the other side of that same wall. Because I rent, mounting my TV (LG 55OLEDC8) on the wall isn't an option.

I have an L-Shaped desk, and it just happens to extend out into the fat stubby part of the L by 5-6 inches, and it has a fun sharp corner on it. I have a queen sized bed that has a solid wood headboard that extends up several inches in a sort of inverted V shape and the lowest parts are almost exactly the same height as the speakers. The TV is sitting on a dresser in the fat stubby part of the L shape in the room. My two front speakers and center channel are sitting a few inches ahead of the TV, and the Atmos speakers are designed to sit atop either the front or rear speakers, so they sit on the front.

The bed is currently against the wall so it is between the closet and the fat stubby part of the L in the room. I can't move the bed forward any further or I won't be able to access the area or I risk having the sharp corner on the desk hang over part of the bed, and I can just imagine kicking it in the night and the fun times I'd have waking up to that. Same reason applies for why I can't move the bed out from the wall.

Anyway, here's the crux of the issue: The only place to put the rear speakers is directly behind the bed. One of the speakers I can move to the side of the headboard, but the other ends up with the speakers pointing directly at the headboard. I also only have barely enough room to fit the speakers behind the bed and I'm basically sacrificing access to my closet. As you might imagine the one surround speaker always seems much weaker than the others and I get a somewhat unbalanced surround effect. I've used the speaker calibration program on the AVR, but the speaker behind the headboard still seems quieter. Again, mounting anything on the wall is out and while rearranging the furniture might be a technical possibility, it would be a massive undertaking. I'd need to wait until my roommates were gone so I could use the other rooms as staging areas for a short time. I understand there's only so much I can do, but I'm looking for any suggestions on how to make the best of this crappy layout.


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Put both surround speakers in the closet, keeping the sliding doors centered. If you want to get fancy, raise them up over the headboard (the tweeter, anyway), using some boxes, or build some cheap wood stands, or buy some shelving units (to do dual duty as helpful organization:cool:).

Alternatively, sell (or store) the surround speakers and get some satellite speakers that you can attach to the outside corners of the backboard. Used Bose cubes are cheap, as are Cambridge Audio cubes. If you want new, look at Amazon for small, inexpensive, speakers with brackets:

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Put both surround speakers in the closet, keeping the sliding doors centered.
There are some shelves on one side and clothes hanging on the other that limits how far back I can put them, but the box or something to at least get the tweeter and non-woofers up over the headboard is an idea. The woofers shouldn't matter as much as that low frequency stuff will likely pass through the headboard no problem, plus there's a dedicated sub. I'll definitely have to look into that idea some more. Thanks!
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